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A risk audit sponsorship to promote the social cause

AMSTERDAM – International consultancy firm Protiviti announces a sponsorship in order to support the FinTech Buddy Payment. This young financial/tech company uses innovative technology to battle poverty and problem debt. The partnership, that suits the social objective of both companies, will introduce a new way of “doing good” amongst consultancies.

Collecting food packages for the local Soup Kitchen, volunteering to do the administration for a small foundation or participating in the annual sponsored running event, many companies are familiar with this type of “doing good” or giving back to society. Starting today, Protiviti will do things a little differently. They will engage their specific capabilities and know-how in order to support Buddy in their quest against poverty and personal problem debt.

Buddy Payment is the creator of the Buddy-app, a mobile banking platform that helps vulnerable citizens in The Netherlands make sound financial choices. Municipalities and (health)care institutions use this application in an attempt to prevent people falling into problem debt. The value of the services that Protiviti will provide to Buddy will be converted into free licenses of the Buddy-app. Social institutions that do not have the means to spare, will be able to use the application for their clients for free. “This creates a win-win-win situation” – says Camiel Kuiper, Executive Director at Buddy Payment.

Buddy Payment operates under a PSD2 license in order to let vulnerable citizens benefit from the possibilities of open banking and therefore remains under supervision of the Dutch Central Bank that will check the company on several criteria, including consumer safety and privacy. Protiviti performs internal audits within large financial institutions and will now perform these for Buddy Payment as well.

‘’Buddy Payment succeeded in merging the financial and social domains. This matches seamlessly with our vision and objectives as a company and is very top-of-mind, especially looking at the expected impact of the corona crisis bringing about a tsunami of problem debt” – says Anneke Wieling, Managing Director at Protiviti.

Free Buddy-licenses

Leviaan, a social institution that supports and guides people with psychological vulnerabilities, is one of the first to benefit from the partnership between international consultancy firm Protiviti and the young FinTech organization Buddy Payment.

Han Jetten, chairman of the board of directors of Leviaan, explains why he is happy with the opportunity to start using the Buddy-app. “The possibility to personally get a grip on your financial situation, supported by this application, is a great fit for a company like Leviaan where we promote the independence and active participation in society for all our clients”.

Anneke Wieling, Jaap Gerkes, Owen Strijland, Ralph Oudshoorn, Han Jetten and Camiel Kuiper
•Protiviti:, 06-2036 1332
•Buddy:, 06 349 289 70

Protiviti B.V.
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