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OmegaLab expands its fintech software service for European Market

Tuesday 8th December 2020 – OmegaLab, a leading custom software provider, is expanding its standout technology solutions for Fintech and the rapidly growing European market. 

OmegaLab is built on 15 years’ Fintech experience partnering with tech companies to develop progressive software solutions. Reducing time-to-market, cutting-edge software and building partnerships for life form the core elements of OmegaLab’s offering.

OmegaLab has forged a team of experts to lead the Fintech business vertical. Synergy between OmegaLab’s developers and external partner teams guarantees results through a deep understanding of objectives.

Another major strength of OmegaLab rests in creating solutions tailored to Fintech clients’ needs and meeting the most ambitious business goals. Comprehensive research is completed before each project to best drive the development journey from business analytics and MVP product design to positive commercial market results. Key elements include payment gateways, client accounts, anti fraud systems and secure back-office – to name a few.

OmegaLab gives power to its partners to have full control over internal Fintech software and budgets. 

OmegaLab CEO Roman Magdalenko said: “The Fintech industry is thriving and we’re pleased to be able provide standout technology solutions for the European market. OmegaLab prides itself on providing exceptional custom software solutions to help businesses reach the next level. We work incredibly closely with our partner’s internal teams to provide an end-to-end service for Fintech.”

About OmegaLab

For more than 20 years we have accumulated valuable knowledge and experience about technology that have helped improve businesses and, as a result, life for each of us. Behind each major discovery in life today there is technology, understanding, and experience that determine the competitive advantage. Only using the latest high-end technology, you can achieve genuinely effective results. Our versatile and highly motivated team of developers and analytics delivers authentic and complex software solutions for iGaming through reimagining of the workflow processes and formation of effective IT teams. OmegaLab’s absolute priority is creating solutions tailored to the clients’ needs and most ambitious business goals. 

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