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W.UP: Top 5 most-read posts of 2020

Avid re-reader? Too busy to keep up with our weekly digital banking updates? Never one to miss out on a good listicle? This one’s for you.

In what is becoming a tradition on our blog, we’ve rounded up the blog posts you’ve clicked, liked and shared the most in 2020. Happy binging!

Putting things in order: a beginner’s guide to transaction categorisation

Transaction categorisation sounds like something Marie Kondo would be into if she were a data analyst. But it’s about much more than keeping banking transactions neat and tidy in your personalisation platform. W.UP’s data scientist Csaba Ragány explains the key aspects of transaction categorisation and how they can drive banks’ personalisation efforts.

There’s a reason why banks are lagging in personalisation – but it might not be what you think

According to Gartner, 80% of heritage financial service providers could become extinct by 2030 if they fail to catch up to digital pioneers, such as challenger banks and fintech disruptors. Outdated, incapable and inefficient legacy systems are among the main culprits behind incumbents’ lag in innovation. But the problem goes much, much deeper than bad tech.

A moment of truth: what does the coronavirus crisis mean for neobanks?

Will the COVID-19 outbreak throw a fatal blow or a lifeline to challengers? With customers playing it safe, or not playing at all, both traditional and non-traditional financial service providers are at a crossroads – and one route looks rockier than the other. Fincog founder Jeroen de Bel weighs in on what the pandemic means for industry players and how they can come out stronger on the other side.

Fact or fiction: 3 myths about personalisation, debunked

Are personalised experiences flavour of the month or will they become a long-term staple? Is the divide between digital leaders and digital laggards real? Can personalisation help financial institutions turn an entire generation of bank-sceptics into bank-believers? Earlier this year, we took a closer look at three often-heard claims about personalisation in banking to demystify the hype.

Double take: 3 ways banks can turn personalisation into a win-win

Amazon reportedly makes 35% of its sales through hyper-customised recommendations. The rise of neobanks has also been largely fuelled by the seamless customer experience they offer. Yet, banks shouldn’t hop on the personalisation bandwagon just because it’s in. Here are three ways to get personalisation right and turn the battle for customers into a win-win.

Read the original post here. Find out more about W.UP here.

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