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Holland FinTech is Strengthening its Governance and Installs a New Board

Amsterdam, 28 January 2021 – Holland FinTech is strengthening its governance as an association, with the purpose of strengthening the position of the Fintech ecosystem in the Netherlands. The current times demand a stronger feel with the needs of members, as well as a good relationship with all stakeholders, and a good sense of the sentiments in society, about digitization and financial services. The world has become more demanding and Holland Fintech plans to live up to it, and the new board gives the association the stamina to do so. 

How we got here

Holland FinTech was founded in 2014 with the purpose to let the wind of change, brought by fintech, drive change through the financial industry.  It has grown into a diverse and respected network connecting around 400 companies, ranging from start-ups to large incumbent financial institutions, as well as technology and other service providers closely tied to the financial services ecosystem. 

Over the years, new entrants as well as incumbents have made their mark on financial innovation and are collaborating and competing to make life easier and cheaper for customers in all areas. Holland Fintech has contributed by supporting startups in their early phase, connecting them to investors, talent and potential partners and customers. For more mature players, knowledge sharing, finding new technology providers and learning together to reap the full benefits from digitization in finance and collaboration with innovative players. And as this trend continues, Holland Fintech will keep on supporting all companies that are aiming to understand technologies and digitization in financial services, learn, align, engage and share in the network. 

Introducing Holland FinTech 2.0

To optimize its contribution to shaping the future of digital finance, Holland FinTech sees a need for a stronger representation internally, as well as externally. The diversity of the network is very large and therefore requires a large representation in the governing body of the ecosystem. Externally, the need for better education and awareness about the opportunities and risks of digitizing finance are needed, asking for more focus on research, storytelling and stakeholder engagement. Holland FinTech’s transition to a formal association, with a general assembly as highest organ and a board to represent the members and keep track of the needs of society, now provides for the best governance to make a strong ecosystem for fintech. It is further foreseen that several working groups and committees will further strengthen member engagement, collaborate for collective interests and to let society benefit maximally from the developments in digital finance.

The board of Holland FinTech 2.0

The executive team will consist of a familiar face in fintech, the founder of Holland Fintech Don Ginsel, who will be supported by the current team at Holland Fintech, ensuring full continuity of program and services to the network. The Non-executive Board will strengthen the liaison with members and other stakeholders in society, and will be chaired by Douwe Lycklama, founding partner at Innopay, as President of the Board. The non-executive board will further consist of: Andre Moen, Founder & CEO at Intersolve; Angelique Schouten, Executive Board at Ohpen; Fleur Dujardin, CEO at Inshared, Harrie Vollaard, Managing Director at Rabo Frontier Ventures; Hessel Kuik, Founder & CEO at Bizcuit Group; and Marcel Prins, COO at APG

The Annual Member Summit 2021

Holland FinTech has founded the association today and appointed the 7 board members. The changes in governance and structure will be presented also today, at Holland FinTech’s Annual Member Summit. This event will be gathering the entire Holland FinTech Member Network online in order to reflect on the highlights and milestones from 2020, present the company’s vision and program for 2021, and mark and explain the official transition to a formal association, and present the board members. As distinguished guest-speakers, Olaf Sleijpen, director monetary affairs at the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) and Alexander Stevens, Policy officer at the European Committee, responsible for the Digital Finance Package. Non-members are invited to watch the live broadcast here.

About Holland FinTech

Holland FinTech is a network organisation for financial innovation and fintech, founded in 2014 in Amsterdam. Holland FinTech has built a vast knowledge base through research, and operates a large network of change agents that tie strongly into the financial industry across Europe. Working through a program for collaboration, transformation and impact, Holland Fintech offers its vast network of around 400 member companies a unique advantage to be part of the future of the financial industry and drive forward the digital economy.

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