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Weekly Research Highlights – 26 January 2021

Stats, numbers, outliers, trends… This week’s research piece analyzes the gender gap issue within financial literacy, dives into the role of gender norms for the cybersecurity space, looks at the expected 2021 global risks, explores the ins & outs of cross-border payments EU regulations, shows a new platform for fiat currencies, and highlights the consequences of financial crime for the fintech ecosystem. Enjoy the material!

On financial literacy…

Gender gap in financial literacy and within household specialization (Think Forward)

Maddalena Davoli and Jia Hou explore in their research the gender gap issue in financial literacy in the context of German household heads, pointing out the relevance of different factors to identify a role for within-household specialization. They document several stylized facts of the gender gap in both financial literacy and economic outcomes and find that being female decreases the likelihood of answering correctly to the three financial literacy questions by almost 8% points. Read more

The State of Fintech in Europe ( & Finstar)

This report gathers data on funding and exit deals ranging from Q1 2017 until the end of H1 2020. As a main highlight, the findings indicate that European fintech companies raised a total of €3.52 billion in 2018; this number increased by 150% to €8.81 billion in 2019. In the first half of 2020, around €4 billion was raised by European fintech companies, and strong activity in H2 suggests a total number of approximately €10 billion for the year. Read more

Gender norms are defining the cybersecurity space…

Gender Approaches to Cybersecurity (UNIDIR)

In this report, authors Katharine Millar, James Shires and Tatiana Tropina explore how gender norms shape specific activities in the fields of cybersecurity design, defence and response. The findings of the paper show how for each of the three dimensions, distinct features of cyber-related activities have gendered implications and, thus, need to be considered from a gender perspective. The report proposes recommendations for the incorporation of gender considerations throughout international cybersecurity policy and practice. Read more

2021 overview of global risks…

The Global Risks Report 2021 (World Economic Forum)

In this report, the results of the latest Global Risks Perception Survey (GRPS) conducted by WEF are presented, followed by analysis of the growing social, economic and industrial divisions, their interconnections, and their implications on our ability to resolve major global risks requiring societal cohesion and global cooperation. The conclusion highlights several proposals for enhancing resilience, drawing from the lessons of the pandemic as well as historical risk analysis. Read more

On the Cross-Border Payments EU Regulation (2019/518)…

DCC Forum’s Guide to the Cross-Border Payments EU Regulation (The Paypers)

With the implementation of the Cross-Border Payments EU Regulation (2019/518), greater transparency and understanding of cross-border payments among EU countries was imposed. This guide offers a comprehensive examination of the entire cross-border payments industry – inclusive of providers of DCC and providers of traditional international card payment services – to find solutions that would offer consumers and businesses alike better products, more choice and greater opportunities. Read more

New tracker platform for currencies…

CBDC Tracker

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Tracker platform is a digital visualization of the fiat currency launched by the central banks of a country. Around the world, central banks have been playing with the concept of digital currencies for quite some time now. The platform displays data in real-time, concerning digital currencies, defined per country/ region, central banks, announcement year, status and update rate. Read more

On financial crime…

ComplyAdvantage Releases State Of Financial Crime Report For 2021 (Global Banking & Finance)

The findings of this report uncover financial crime insights related to fraud, cyber, and money laundering, the rise of crypto, and the ever-changing sanctions landscape. The comprehensive guide explains expected threats that governments and financial institutions will face in 2021, along with prescriptive recommendations for implementing best compliance practices for combating financial crimes. Read more

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