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B2B fintech company Blanco grows by 104 percent in one year


Bernadette Wijnings becomes co-CEO of Blanco

B2B fintech company Blanco announces that it has grown by 104 percent in the past year. To enable further (international) growth, Bernadette Wijnings will take office as co-CEO. Among other things, she will focus on realising a Series B investment for the scale-up in the second half of 2021. Wijnings was previously part-time CFO and founder of Blanco.

Substantial growth in 2020

Wijnings: “In the past year we have grown by a total of 1143 percent, 104 percent of which is organic growth. More and more financial companies have to comply with an increasing number of laws and regulations. Our KYC solution helps them with the KYC processes required by anti-money laundering legislation. In addition, a growing number of asset managers are choosing our Investment Suite. This technology makes portfolio management easier and more efficient, allowing asset managers to focus on customer contact and advice.”

Blanco’s solutions are now used by 125 financial institutions in six European countries. In 2020, Blanco acquired AIRS, the Dutch market leader in portfolio management and back office support for asset managers, which also contributed to its growth in 2020.

Co-CEOs for Series B round

“I founded Blanco together with Joost Walgemoed – and in fact we have always worked together as founders-cum-co-CEOs. Now that Blanco is growing so much, it is important to manage this next phase of upscaling. As of this year, I will focus on realising a Series B for Blanco, with which we want to accelerate our national and international growth even more.”

Previously, Dutch Founders Fund, KBC Focus Fund, Volta Ventures and a number of strategic angels invested in Blanco. Blanco is not the first company Wijnings founded; she was and is founder and owner of Het Strategiekantoor, among others.

Female directors in fintech

Blanco attaches great value to diversity in the company. Wijnings is therefore not the only female director of the Amsterdam-based fintech: in addition to Manouk Fles (Chief Legal & Compliance Officer), Conny Dorrestijn, a well-known fintech entrepreneur and speaker, is chair of the Supervisory Board of Blanco.

About Blanco

Fintech B2B provider Blanco was founded by Joost Walgemoed and Bernadette Wijnings in late 2015 and develops technology especially for asset managers that automates the complete asset management process. The platform consists of a KYC & Compliance Suite and an Investment Suite: together they make KYC, compliance, portfolio management and administration simpler and more efficient, allowing asset managers to focus on client contact and advice. This is because the Blanco team does not believe in tech alone, but in the symbiosis of man and machine: the best service comes from the combination of automation and the human factor. Blanco’s solutions are now used by 125 financial institutions in six European countries. For more information see:

Find more about Blanco here.

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