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Weekly Research Highlights – 30 March 2021


For this week, we have gathered the latest trends and figures in terms of fintech research. We present you with the latest on Open Banking, essential principles for the future of finance, the roadmap of the Netherlands going digital, the top-funded tech hubs in Europe, the global cybertech landscape,  news on asset management, and how the future of cloud computing looks like. Happy reading!

Open Banking: Rearching the Financial Landscape (FT Partners)

The findings of this research show that 86% of financial institutions recognize the value of Open Banking data. 8 out of 10 financial institutions responded that they are likely to adopt or plan to adopt Open Banking. Fintech companies have considered how Open Banking can enhance current services. Furthermore, any changes in the European Open Banking sector have been largely regulatory-driven, while the adoption of Open Banking in the US has, and will likely remain market-driven. Read more

Finance in Transition: Principles for a Positive Finance Future (RSM)

This paper presents scientific evidence of the negative impact of our current economic system on climate and biodiversity. The findings call upon critical actors within the current financial regime (governments, regulators, pension funds, banks and universities), that need to invest and engage proactively with this transformative change. Moreover, by creating a positive financial transition, a strategic opportunity can arise. The shift can also help accelerate and finance sustainability transitions in economic sectors, leading them towards a nature-positive economy that generates well-being for all. Read more

Indicators overview for the Netherlands (OECD)

This report maps the Netherlands’ progress of going digital and draws a digital integrated policy framework. Leading, lagging and fastest changing indicators reveal areas in which the Netherlands performs strongly and has opportunities to catch up, as well as those that are rapidly improving or deteriorating. Read more 

Startup Continent: The Most Well-Funded Tech Startups In Europe (CB Insights)

The results highlight the top-funded tech startup in every European country and identify the most well-funded VC-backed tech startup in each EU country. The analysis ranks companies based on total disclosed equity funding and only considers VC-backed tech companies that have raised an equity round since 2016. Companies must have raised a minimum of $1M in equity funding. Read more

Global CyberTech funding set a new record last year amid escalating cyber threats brought by the pandemic (Fintech Global)

This paper explores Global CyberTech Investment between 2016-2020 and reveals that the total global funding grew at a CAGR of 91.6%, from nearly $666.1m to nearly $4.7bn at the end of last year. Furthermore, the fourth quarter of 2020 saw the highest number of large CyberTech deals. The top ten CyberTech deals in 2020 raised in aggregate nearly $2.4bn, making up 38.2% of the total funding in the sector for the year. Read more

Asset managers, market liquidity and bank regulation (BIS)

This research dives into the effect of bank regulation on asset managers’ fire sales. The findings show that the asset management sector may take on too much liquidity risk from a social perspective. Moreover, asset managers’ investment decisions today are affected by the fact that banks will charge for absorbing fire sales tomorrow. When regulation constrains banks’ balance-sheet space, the resulting higher spread reins in asset managers’ excessive risk-taking, thus raising social welfare. Read more

The Future of Cloud: Evolving the Financial Services Industry (Finextra)

This article reports that there is a critical mass of financial services institutions that have migrated or are migrating to the cloud. However, there are also common concerns that stop 17.3% capital markets firms from proceeding. These concerns are time to completion, cyber security, trust establishment with cloud providers and upskilling labor force. Read more 

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