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The time has come to scale up your investments in Artificial Intelligence. In fact, policymakers are themselves anticipating to be allocating significant resources to foster AI across many sectors of the economy. Not only do they seem incredibly supportive, but they are indeed inclined to facilitate the adoption of AI technology by suggesting the removal of unnecessary barriers against its healthy development. This is a unique opportunity for many of us, as great focus is being put on innovation and growth from the top down.

The short summary message we gather when reading various recent publications by the main authorities with respect to AI is incredibly positive. However, it is often explicitly mentioned that AI should not be used unconditionally. Responsible adoption of AI must be predicated in every corner so that real benefits may propagate to the society as a whole.

The increased significant interest in AI applications is widespread to the public more in general, we can all recognize. AI is not just a key item appearing on the manifesto of governing bodies as a means to drive economic growth. Over the last few years, we have indeed started to appreciate the power of AI through a number of important global applications, e.g. in medical treatments, in relation to climate change, etc. It is then not a surprise that something of this scale and with enormous potential impact on everyone’s life is required to be taken with appropriate care. Helping the diffusion of ethical guidelines for trustworthy AI is in fact the means by which leaders are seeking to support its establishment.

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