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Buy now, pay later – CreditClick and Hanseatic Bank launch new payment method for e-commerce

Amsterdam/Hamburg 28 April 2021: CreditClick and Hanseatic Bank have launched a new payment method in the e-commerce sector. As of now, it will be possible for online retailers in Germany to accept transactions through CreditClick.

CreditClick is a new payment method that enables retailers to provide their customers with a credit line during the payment process. Consumers can then use this credit to purchase the products of their choice. They simply select CreditClick during the checkout process and enter their data to set up an account. This is followed by a credit check before the loan can be approved. The entire process from the online credit request to approval takes just a few minutes. If approved, the online purchase can be continued immediately. CreditClick can be used by payment service providers and various retailers in both the Netherlands and Germany.

Payment in instalments

CreditClick enables customers to obtain a temporary loan for a predefined period of time to finance the purchase of consumer goods. Particular emphasis is placed on transparency and repayment. Before agreeing to the loan, customers have clear insight into the cost of the loan and how many instalments it will take to pay it back. Repayments are made by direct debit. Thanks to CreditClick, European lenders can serve new and existing customers in the area of e-commerce. In Germany, Hanseatic Bank is responsible for the financing process from acceptance through to settlement.

The CreditClick platform was developed based on state-of-the-art technologies to enable payment service providers and affiliated retailers to easily integrate it into online shops. With CreditClick, it takes just a few days rather than weeks or months. Furthermore, payment service providers can offer retailers a payment
method that does not entail extra costs.

Extra payment option

“We are extremely proud to announce the launch of CreditClick in Germany together with our partner Hanseatic Bank. This confirms our strategy of becoming a pan-European payment method. By accepting CreditClick as a new payment method, every online retailer can offer an extra payment option”, comments Jeroen Bosch van Rosenthal, CEO of CreditClick.

Gerrit Meier, Director of Payment & Financing Business of Hanseatic Bank, states: “We highly appreciate the cooperation with our Dutch partner CreditClick. They combine start up spirit with a high degree of professionalism and customer centricity. Thus, they perfectly fit into our commercial strategy for the ecommerce market.”

About CreditClick

CreditClick is a new payment method that gives consumers access to credit instantly and in real time for use in paying for online purchases. Customers only have to register once. Following approval, they can make use of the loan immediately. This credit facility can be used directly to purchase goods and services in an online store during the checkout process, with the retailer receiving the purchase price in full. CreditClick increases an online store’s conversion rate without incurring any additional costs for the retailer. As a result, CreditClick is the first truly free payment method for retailers to accept. It offers retailers the chance to increase their conversion rates by making credit facilities available to consumers. This immediately gives consumers extra buying power. Now, payment service providers can offer retailers a payment method that does not entail any costs vor the retailer. All partners in the CreditClick payment scheme have the opportunity to generate significant new revenue in the e-commerce world. The CreditClick platform has been built based on the very latest technology in order to facilitate quick and easy integration for our payment service providers. Integration with CreditClick takes just days rather than weeks or months. Each payment service provider and subsequently each affiliated retailer is connected to CreditClick using our highperformance RESTful API.

About Hanseatic Bank GmbH & Co KG

Hanseatic Bank has been at home in Hamburg since it was founded in 1969, but from the outset it has operated with customers and partners throughout Germany. Werner Otto had founded the consumer credit institution to enable customers of Otto Versand to finance their purchases. In 2005, the major French bank Société Générale took over 75 percent of the shares, while the Otto Group continues to hold 25 percent. In the meantime, both the customer base and the product range have expanded significantly. The bank’s business areas now also include deposit business, insurance, receivables management and consumer loans. One specialty is its credit cards with innovative services for customers and cooperation partners.

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