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Centraal Invorderings Bureau (CIB) opens new branch in Belgium


Rotterdam, 1 March 2021 – Centraal Invorderings Bureau (CIB) is crossing the border into Belgium and officially opens its office in Zaventem (Brussels) today. The opening of a second office is the result of the growth that debt collection organisation CIB is experiencing on a European level.

With a branch office in Belgium, CIB will be able to better align its services to local needs from its own social and cultural environment. CIB clients will also benefit from operational efficiency advantages. Branch manager Nikolaas De Donder will manage and further assist the operational team.

The new CIB office in Zaventem will be a service centre for a team of 12 employees. In the autumn of 2021, CIB expects to expand with local sales and marketing.

“Thanks to the opening of an office in Belgium, CIB can serve Belgian clients much better. The local colleagues speak the language and feel at home in the socio-cultural environment. This improves the dialogue with our clients’ customers,” says Roman Berkhout, MD/CCO of CIB.

“Research shows that there is much room for further innovation in data-driven collection methods in the Belgian credit management sector. It is a great challenge for us to take big steps in that area in a new environment,” said Niels de Peuter, MD/CEO of CIB.

“Customer contact is handled by our Belgian service centre, which is connected to the Rotterdam headquarters. Support processes remain at the head office in the Netherlands,” says Nikolaas De Donder, Operational Manager of CIB in Belgium.

In November 2019, CIB was already officially registered to carry out the activity of amicable debt collection in Belgium.

About CIB

Centraal Invorderings Bureau (CIB) is an innovative credit management organisation with more than 90 employees in the Netherlands and Belgium and is one of the most modern and technology-driven organisations in the European collection sector. The company has experienced enormous growth in past years and has recently also started to develop its activities in Belgium. 

Since June 2020, CIB has been part of the coeo Inkasso group (part of Waterland Private Equity), a rapidly growing European debt collection organisation.

Read the original article here. Find out more about CIB here.

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