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Weekly Research Highlights – 6 April 2021


In terms of research and stats, this week’s fintech news are marked by developments within Open Banking, AMLD5, innovation & fintech, finding the importance of intraday liquidity management, how the Covid-19 is changing the overall global economic sentiment, and new tools to help businesses in the financial services navigate tax and legal measures in response to COVID-19. Happy reading!

Cognito research highlights challenges that booming media coverage of ESG poses for asset managers (Cognito)

The findings report that media outlets are focusing on broad stories around ESG investing – such as portfolio composition, performance/risk and regulation – that involve commentary from a range of managers. Outbound communications by asset managers, however, skews towards the types of news that are only relevant for the minority of media stories that are based around a single firm. Read more

Open Banking: Rearchitecting the Financial Landscape (Financial Technology Partners)

The research dives into the Open Banking framework and opportunities within the financial services. As more financial institutions expand access to customer data through application programming interfaces (APIs), and other data sharing methods, a great number of companies will be able to compete in the financial services landscape, which should in turn speed up the innovation pace in the market. Read more

Impact of the European Union’s 5th AML Directive (Kyckr)

With the AMLD5 being set into place in January 2020, many companies in the financial sphere are still struggling to adhere to the norms imposed by the directive. The findings of the paper dive into  the implications and some solutions for obliged entities in the context of Corporate CDD, the enhanced expectations on the adequacy and currency of Beneficial Owner data (UBO), disclosures of discrepancies, and the importance of Ongoing Monitoring of corporate entity and associated person data, following recent enforcement actions. Read more

The most innovative fintech companies in 2020 (

The graphic shows a representation of the most popular sub-industries within fintech with the most funding in 2020. As dominating categories, 2020 was marked by B2B lending, blockchain and Bitcoin, insurance, investing, payments, personal finance, real estate and enterprise. See below the complete overview.

Here’s Where Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, And Other Top Banks Are Investing In Fintech — And Why (CB Insights)

Since 2018, banks have had an increased interest in investing in the fintech ecosystem in order to advance their strategic goals. Despite the economic uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, the largest US banks continue to make these strategic investments. A comprehensive overview is provided, determining the categories where US banks are investing in fintech. Read more

Industry Spotlight: Real Time Intraday Liquidity Management (Finextra & Montran)

The findings of the paper explore the  increasingly dynamic industry focus on the importance of intraday liquidity management, and the benefits to banks who tackle this head on. Joost Bergen, Cash Dynamics, Liquidity Management Specialist and Industry Speaker, provides his input about a real time and technology-first approach to the challenges imposed by liquidity management. Read more

The coronavirus effect on global economic sentiment (McKinsey)

The results of this survey highlight that while the global economic outlook has wavered in recent months, respondents are more optimistic now about the world economy’s prospects than they’ve been at any other point during the crisis. 69% believe that the global economic conditions will improve, up from 56% in the previous survey. Moreover, when asked about their countries’ economies, nearly three-quarters of executives expect improved conditions in the next six months. Read more

Navigate Tax and Legal Measures in response to COVID-19 (PwC)

The Covid-19 pandemic has provided businesses with a signal to rethink and reconfigure their strategies, with a focus more on key areas of their business in a new context. The findings urge companies to consider the broader economic, political and societal climate and to make informed decisions on their operational level. PwC launched a tool in order to help firms stay ahead of the curve with the latest Covid-19 tax, legal, people, and regulatory responses by territory. Read more

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