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ABN Amro chooses Topicus technology for pension-related investment and savings products

ABN Amro has opted for the Topicus Pension & Wealth software platform to administer the personal pension supplement products. A major advantage is that private customers of the bank will have easier access to pension supplement products, such as bank savings and pension savings later this year, via the app and website. The technologically advanced Topicus software makes it possible for ABN Amro customers to easily purchase new tax products and to submit changes online with a few clicks.

With this range of customer-friendly functionalities, which is now within reach thanks to Topicus Pension & Wealth, the tax component of these products can be better taken into account in both the investment during the term and the payment in the future. It is also better to respond to other personal (pension) circumstances, such as personal agreements about remuneration. Furthermore, payments are more customized, tailored to the individual customer.

With this step, ABN Amro is replacing its own applications that have reached their limits, also because the tax laws have been changed over time. ABN Amro is committed to a growth of this category of products, now that under the new pension contract there is greater awareness of individual responsibility for (additional) pension accrual. It is the intention that all ABN Amro customers with products in this category will be transferred to the new platform by the end of this year.

ABN Amro has chosen Topicus Pension & Wealth after an extensive selection procedure in which 11 parties participated. Ultimately, Topicus was chosen because, according to the bank, the company is not only very knowledgeable on the IT side, but also appears to have in-depth know-how about the products and the details of the business.

Clint van Haalen of Topicus: “We consider it a privilege to help a party like ABN Amro in this process and are pleased that the quality of the software and the people of Topicus are once again recognized. Topicus and ABN Amro already worked together in other areas, but until recently not with the department responsible for pension, savings and insurance products. ”

“Topicus believes it is important to always actively think along with the wishes of our customers and also dare to report it if we know from our experience that a desired direction is not the most optimal. We think it is important that our customers know that with Topicus you not only bring in software builders, but at the same time also experienced consultants with whom you can spar and thus benefit from years of experience to optimize business processes. ”

ANB Amro & Topicus
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