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Currencycloud: 3 Tips to Finding the Perfect Payment Technology Partnership

by Samuel Head, Head of Digital Banking & Wallets – Europe at Currencycloud

In my daily interactions with innovative Fintech startups and challenger Banks, I’ve observed that the key to true success or failure is in the details. Your successful international growth is just a series of smaller yet highly intelligent organizational choices.

Financial brands can buy, integrate and build internal and external capabilities to accelerate their growth and innovation. Their ecosystem – the network of unique relationships with niche specialist vendors, schemes, regulators, media and the investment community – can be a key competitive advantage.

An innovative tech start-up or enterprise-scale business undergoing digital transformation saves time and resources by partnering with the best companies specializing in a niche area.

I’ve seen Fintechs that don’t think through the long-term implications of their selected solutions providers or partnerships while focused on short-term growth. Many Fintechs pursue tech stack solutions that work for their current state, but don’t realize the lack of autonomy they’ll have down the line as the business expands.

With over 14 years in international financial services, and my 4th year at Currencycloud, I thought I’d put down my considerations, and advice:

Take time now to avoid picking the wrong partner for your global transactions.
The right solution is one that never penalizes you or creates friction in the growth process.
A great partner is as invested in your success as you are; your solution provider should work to understand and service your global transaction needs and keep the process streamlined as you scale, future-proofing your business.
Here are my top 3 recommendations on what to look for in the right partner for your strategic, long-term journey to borderless transactions.

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