Weekly Analysis and Opinion Highlights – 3 May 2021

Every week we bring you global thought leadership, in the form of recent opinion pieces, background information behind recent news and content analysed from current trends. This week, we look at the insurance’s digital future for actuarial, building ecosystems as a part of innovation strategy, banks addressing skepticism, consumer metrics in ESG, takeaways from the tech giants, answers to common questions from blockchain’s sceptics, and the future for digital banking. Happy reading! 

What does insurance’s digital future hold for actuarial? (Digital Insurance)

Ian Sterling, Scott Weinstein, and Jeremy Smith, writers at Digital Insurance, dive into the insurance market and highlight that insurers should transform their actuarial roles and responsibilities. To remain competitive in the insurance industry, companies are advised to empower the actuarial team, drive company goals around growth and profitability, strengthen the actuarial workforce and modernize business operating models. Read more

One Certainty in These Uncertain Times: Innovate Through Ecosystems, or Miss the Opportunity to Radically Transform Your Innovation Strategy (Innovation Management)

Patrick Ferran (CEO & Co-founder at Hypsous SAS), François Bourachot (Co-founder at Hypsous SAS), Naveh Shetrit (Co-founder at, and Omer Gazit (Co-founder at, explore why and how a company needs to embrace an ecosystem approach in its innovation strategy. They explain why it makes sense to think of ecosystems in front of the challenges ahead and  how to organize one or multiple ecosystems and set up the proper environment to manage and grow them. Read more

How banks can address rising skepticism in 2021 (

Alan McIntyre, Senior Managing Director of Global Banking at Accenture, shares his findings that banking sceptics make up 38% of all banking customers globally and this is an alarm for banking leaders. Strategies to address this challenge are focusing primarily on tactical refinements of the current digital customer experience, figuring out customers’ true purposes, and creating customer experiences that reflect these purposes. Read more

Why ESG Will Include Consumer Metrics (

Joan Susie, chairman of Bank Director and FinXTech, emphasizes that ESG, at its root, is about looking at the overall impact of a company. The banks that become ESG leaders will create products that improve the long-term financial health of their retail and small businesses customers. However, banks need to avoid appearing to care about ESG, while failing to care about customers. The banks that include customer financial health in their ESG measurement will survive, thrive and become the true ESG stars. Read more

What Banks Can Learn From Retailers to Grow Loans (

Barry Kirby, the SVP of CuneXus, reveals that banks have come a long way with online and mobile features, while credit and loan application procedures are still stuck in the early 2000s. One mistake that banks make is giving a never-qualified-to-receive offer to a consumer who needs a line of credit or loan for personal reasons. According to the analysis, there should be no reason to disappoint a customer because banks already have available data to ensure that consumers receive qualified loans. Read more

10 takeaways from Big Tech’s big earnings (

David Pierce, editor at Protocol, draws 10 take-away lessons from big tech companies after they benefit huge revenues from the pandemic. The important touched points are the ad business, cloud technology, product diversity, privacy policy, hardware production, and post-pandemic strategies. Read more

Simple Answers to Four Questions From Blockchain Skeptics (Crowdfund Insider)

Lee A. Schneider, co-founded Global Blockchain Convergence, shares new views on the usual questions concerning the blockchain and crypto asset space. Firstly, blockchain is useful because it solves the problem of digital integrity. It may not be the only solution to that problem but it is becoming the most widely adopted one. Secondly, Bitcoin is valuable because it created blockchain and shows the way to digital integrity through better database infrastructure. Lastly, with regard to ESG, newer blockchains use other methods that require no more energy than any other household computing task. Read more

How Digital Banking is Changing in 2021 (PaymentsJournal)

Vidya Peters, writer at PaymentsJournal, taps all the trends that will drive major changes for digital banking in 2021. She made predictions for challenger banks, partnerships between big tech, digital wallets, credit cards, cryptocurrencies in day-to-day banking offerings and more. Read more

Virtual Card Investments Heat Up To Help Firms Spend Wisely (PYMNTS)

The writers at PYMNTS look at commercial card innovation, a ramp-up in virtual card investment, and how to help SMBs remain savvy about spending. The series C funding round of Boost Payment Solutions is a show of support or Boost’s B2B payments technology, which brings together buyers, suppliers, and commercial card issuers and networks to facilitate vendor payments via commercial cards, even when those businesses don’t accept that method of payment. Read more

Dogecoin (DOGE): What You Need To Know (Forbes)

Andrew Michael, writer at Forbes discusses the risk and speculative nature of cryptocurrencies and makes a comparison between Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Staring off with figures underpinning the cryptocurrency being deadly serious, Dogecoin’s value has risen by more than 14,000% since the start of 2021. Dogecoin’s price is currently around 0.60$, while the price tracking website CoinMarketGap puts its market capitalisation at around $78 billion, making it the fourth largest cryptocurrency. Read more

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