Weekly Analysis and Opinion Highlights – 18 October 2021

And we’re kicking off the week with new details on open banking, online trading, money, digital currency and technology trends. Dive into the latest fintech insights and have a great start of the week!

YTS European Open Banking Outlook uncovers huge potential growth for open banking (FF News)
Yolt Technology Services (YTS), one of Europe’s leading open banking providers, has today launched its inaugural European Open Banking Outlook (EOBO) revealing huge growth potential for open banking, with 40% of banking customers across Europe’s biggest markets not currently using any open banking solution. YTS also sets out how this potential can be unlocked. Read more.

The importance of democratising online trading (Fintech Futures)
Jean-Yves Sireau, CEO and founder at Deriv, thinks that with the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, the online trading industry saw a steep surge of new users. Now more than ever, traders are emerging from all walks of life. The days of trading being accessible only to big banks and hedge funds are long gone. Read more.

Sibos 2021: The future of money starts now (Fintech Futures)
Leda Glyptis, analyst at Fintech Futures, highlights the thought, which came up during Sibos event. Many people think that the future of money is the most iconic session at the most iconic of conferences. We have never not gone to the boundaries of the question and asked the hard, unspoken parts of ‘what next?’ And it is never enough. Because year on year that frontier is moving. Faster than you would expect. Faster than should be possible. And yet here we are and here it is and that is why, year after year, we get together as an industry and pause to take stock on the big questions that are often moving faster than us. Read more.

Summers: digital yuan unlikely to threaten US dollar (Central Banking)
Larry Summers, a former US Treasury secretary, believes the potential introduction of a Chinese ‘digital yuan’ does not constitute “a threat” to the role of the US dollar. The People’s Bank of China is currently engaged in major trials of a digital yuan, with the country tipped to be the first major economy to issue a retail central bank digital currency (CDBC). Read more.

The technologies that will shape the immediate future of fintech (Fintech Futures)
Alex Reddish, MD at Tribe , shares that technology moves so fast and is so embedded in our daily lives that, if you work in a technology-driven sector, it’s easy to develop blinkers. Those who work in financial technology can become so focused on financial technology that the broader picture can be missed. Read more.

Sibos 2021: “I’ve never seen the industry refreshing itself more,” (Fintech Futures)
SmartStream CEO Haytham Kaddoura talks about the most prevalent technology trends and opportunities as finance moves into the future. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen banks and financial institutions accelerate their digital transformation efforts to meet ever-evolving requirements, with the need to refresh strategies and ensure technological resilience, efficiency and sustainability now more important than ever before. Read more.


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