Weekly Analysis and Opinion – 14 June 2021

Find out the latest analyses and opinions from fintech! Topics of interest for this week include: cryptocurrencies, digital signage and ATMs, the role of 5G in financial services, startups, SMBs, CBDCs. Dive into the insights and discover the most credible voices from the industry. Happy reading for the start of the week.

Visa and cryptocurrency: Inside the networks digital currency plans (Payment Cards & Mobile)

Writers at Payment Cards & Mobile dives into the opportunities for established payment companies, particularly for Visa. Visa’s strategy is to be a network of networks and really be able to originate and terminate new payment flows outside of card rails. Visa characterizes the industry as made up of two distinct groups: conventional and stablecoins, which are attracting greater interest from institutional and government organizations despite a smaller part of the overall market. Read more

Are ATMs, digital signage a good fit? (ATM Marketplace)

Bradley Cooper, editor at Digital Signage Today, explores the means of collaboration between ATMS and digital signage. Suggestions mentioned in the article are that banks can display information about other products and services, the display can tell users other tasks they can perform on the ATM, such as depositing checks, paying loans; and customers are offered a discount if they mention an advertisement at point-of-sale. No matter whether an option is chosen to deploy one or both of these devices, just remember the goal is to improve the customer experience. Read more

Predicting a 5G Upheaval in Financial Services (Payments Journal)

Tim Sloane, VP of Payments Innovation at Mercator Advisory Group, highlights that 5G will remove bottlenecks for a wide range of financial services that will drive an enhanced customer experience for payments. 5G will expand the notion of what is possible and expected before, during, and after the transaction. It will improve back-end internal operations, front-end client interfaces and middle-office partner collaboration; and further the finance industry’s overall emphasis on a mobile-centric, human-centric business model. Read more

Startups in Indonesia have grown up, but how crucial a role does fintech play? (Techwire Asia)

Jamilah Lim, writer at Techwire Asia, emphasizes the importance of startups in Indonesia, along with micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in shaping the business landscape in Southeast Asia’s (SEA). Indonesia’s economy is set to rebound this year, with positive forecasts by international institutions. This is partly due to a ‘demographic dividend’, a phenomenon where a country’s working force outnumbers those that cannot. In fact, millennial MSMEs will be the key force behind Indonesia’s economic rebound. Read more

How you can use fintech to get more out of your money (the easy way) (

Rosie Murray-West, writer at, expresses the concern of client’s private online spaces accessed by third-party software and robots that make transactions on clients’ behalf. Critics say that the fintech revolution won’t go far enough towards helping more vulnerable customers manage their money. However, if used wisely, these services can help save money, help build up pensions or get clients started with investing, and most of them are free. Read more

Where fintech and ESG meet: How investment apps can drive impact investing (Altfi)

Selin Bucak, writer at AltFi, digs deep in the topic of sustainable investing and the problem of transparency of greenwashing. Customers want to know that companies they invest in through these platforms are being held to account, while the fintech business itself is also fair and inclusive. Impact investing platforms are not only answering the demand for more sustainable investment options, but they are also helping create an attractive entry point for new investors. Read more

Banks Need To Embrace SMBs Or Lose Them To A FinTech That Does (Pymnts)

Writers at Pymnts share opinions that as fintech competitors are rushing the field to offer specialty acquiring services to SMBs, banks don’t have an infinite amount of time to delay this upgrade. Banks have a tremendous advantage in the amount of consumer trust they command, and that’s a powerful advantage, but it’s simply not enough. However, 60% of banks are not adapting their organizations to be better suited to offer a full suite of SMB products and tools, including the ability to participate in a loyalty and rewards program. Read more

Cross-border interoperability will be a key test for CBDCs, BIS and BoE specialists warn (Bobsguide)

Jeremy Chan, writer at Bobsguide, notes the key concern of central bank digital currencies (CBDC) that is being considered by the Bank of England (BoE). The hurdle lies in the level of transnational utilisation they’d be able to guarantee. Another crucial ‘international’ design challenge of a CBDC is its potential use in cross-border payments. Although the BoE has yet to make a decision on whether a sterling CBDC is necessary, interoperability with existing cross-border payments rails would be an important topic for exploration. Read more

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