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25% of employees would be happier if they could spend less time on administrative tasks

25% of employees would be happier if they could spend less time on administrative tasks

More than a third in favor of automating company’s expense process

Amsterdam, 27th of July, 2021 – A large proportion of employees would not only be more productive (21%), but also happier (25%) if they could spend less time submitting expense claims. This is shown by research conducted by software company Klippa among 1120 employees at medium-sized and large companies in the Netherlands. In general, the younger the employee, the less they enjoy spending time on manual administrative tasks.

“This aversion to old-fashioned administrative processes is understandable,” explains Yeelen Knegtering, CEO of Klippa. “It takes the average employee two hours a week to finish tasks such as submitting claims and filling out timesheets. Not to mention the time it takes to process everything in the system. Of course, you can’t avoid doing expenses, but you can certainly make it simpler and faster. In doing so, you get happier employees and you save precious time.”

Klippa’s study shows that 29% of men would be happier if they could spend less time on administrative tasks. Only 20% of women agree. Men (23%) are also slightly more convinced than women (17%) that they would be more productive with less administrative hassle. Lastly, there is a difference between old and young respondents: 29% of workers under 30 believe they would be more productive. Only 12% of workers of 60 years old and older agree.

More automation

One way to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks is through automation. A whopping 35% of respondents believe that their company’s expense process should be automated. For employees under the age of 30, this percentage is even higher (45%). In general the study shows: the older the employee, the less the need for automation. Nevertheless, a quarter of employees aged 60 and over want their company to automate their expense process.

Knegtering: “In general, people do not like change. In the case of business processes, change means that employees have to change the way they have worked for a long time. Who is waiting for that? Yet, in this study we see that there is a great demand for innovation in business processes. This means employees are aware of the opportunities that automation can offer them.”

About Klippa

Klippa was founded in Groningen in 2015 and employs 40+ professionals, in Groningen and in Amsterdam. The scale-up aims to digitize and automate cumbersome document flows using modern technologies, such as machine learning and OCR. The tech company serves more than a thousand customers at home and abroad with various product lines. These include software for improving administrative processes, scanning receipts and invoices, claims processing, identity validation and data extraction.

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