Weekly Analysis Highlights - 2 August 2021

Weekly Analysis & Opinion Highlights – 2 August 2021

This analysis article focuses on the opinions from fintech industry experts. In terms of latest insights,  we explore topics such as crypto, financial application, cybersecurity, stock, AI and payments and more.

Senate Banking Crypto Hearing: Senator Warren Says Crypto is Dangerous for Our Financial System (CrowdFundInsider)

Writers of CrowdFundInsider highlight the Senate Banking’s Committee hearing held earlier last week. Requests for support of digital asset innovation largely fell along party lines. Senator Elizabeth Warren, a frequent critic of crypto who has been calling for more aggressive regulation, said: “Big banks have failed to meet consumers’ needs. In fact, crypto is more dangerous for consumers and more dangerous for our financial system.” Read more

Fernando Martinelli: Balancer Co-Founder Says DeFi Is Going to Be the Rails of Every Financial Application in Next 10-20 Years (CrowdFundInsider)

Writers of CrowdFundInsider recently connected with Fernando Martinelli, co-founder and CEO at Balancer Labs, an automated portfolio manager and digital asset liquidity provider. Balancer Labs, which aims to become the “primary source” of DeFi liquidity by offering the “most flexible” and simple platform for asset management, has announced many new updates. Read more.

Protect: The Second Pillar in Your Journey to Improve Industrial Cybersecurity Posture (SecurityWeek)

Yaniv Vardi, the CEO of Claroty, an operational technology (OT) security company, highlights warnings on the risks of connecting industrial networks to IT networks issuing two cybersecurity advisories. The most recent one, was stated just 10 days prior to the Colonial Pipeline disruption, that the National Security Agency (NSA) had ramped up in the last year. Read more. 

Robinhood CEO says the meme-stock craze has helped ailing companies survive, and that high retail investor participation is fundamentally good for markets (PwC)

Writers at PwCinvestigate the statement made by Robinhood’s CEO, Vlad Tenev, that retail investors who’ve put money into so-called meme stocks have contributed to struggling companies and the market overall. Read more.

Bahrain EDB: Why UK Fintechs Should Build Their Future Foundations in the Sand (The FinTechTimes)

Writers at The FinTech Times explore the statement that the UK is a beacon in the financial services industry and has for a long time led the way in innovation and progress. The UKregards the sector as a crucial part of its economic future.

Dalal Buhejji, Executive Director of Investment Origination at the Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB), is heading the responsibility of sourcing and attracting high value investments into the Kingdom of Bahrain from Europe and the Americas. In the analysis, she shares her thoughts on the UK fintech, and the benefits of a potential partnership with Bahrains’ Sandbox. Read more.

The Role of Knowledge Graphs in Artificial Intelligence (techopedia)

Dr. Tehseen Zia, Artificial Intelligence expert, states the importance of a  knowledge graph (KG), which can be a powerful data structure that represents information in a graphical format. DBpedia is an example of an open source knowledge graph that stores knowledge in a machine-readable form and provides a means for information to be collected, organised, shared, searched and utilised.  Read more.

The Power of Payments: Why the European Payments Market is Hotter than Ever (SAPPHIRE ventures)

Andreas Weiskam, Kevin Diestel, Annalise Dragic, and Imogen Mulliner, writers at SAPPHIRE ventures, explore the fact that for consumers, convenient digital payments have become a part of everyday life. Wads of cash or writing paper checks have now become a thing of the past. For businesses, payment methods – and the technologies that power them – are changing rapidly. Read more

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