Weekly Highlights Analysis & Opinion - 23 August 2021

Weekly Analysis & Opinion Highlights – 23 August 2021

And we’re kicking off the week with new details on crypto, partnerships, digital ecosystem, Diem, financial inclusion, cybersecurity and innovation . Dive into the latest fintech insights and have a great start of the week!

Crypto Long & Short: When China Spoke, Bitcoin Reacted. America? Not So Much (Coindesk)

Emily Parker, a global macro editor at CoinDesk, shares a thought that governments can’t stop cryptocurrencies, but they can make it much harder to access them. So it would make sense that unfriendly government policies in the world’s largest economies would play a role in driving down the price of bitcoin. She also highlights that it could just be that the U.S. is not the center of the crypto universe. Read more

Four Notable Partnerships Between the Fintech and Financial-Services Sectors in 2021 (The International Banker)

Nicholas Larsen, a writer at International Banker, highlights several exciting partnerships that have been formed between the two sectors in 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic has made such partnerships even more vital in many cases, as people seek new and innovative solutions from the world of banking and finance to deal with the ongoing crisis. Read more

The future of digital ecosystems in the fintech space (Fintech Magazine)

Joanna England, editor at Fintech Magazine, leads a discussion on a topic: “Outsourcing technical processes have helped the fintech industry scale fast. But what is the future for digital partnerships once the industry matures?”. Fintech is growing at an incredible rate, with the pandemic having accelerated industry growth. Read more

Diem: A Dream Deferred? (Coindesk)

Daniel Kuhn, author at Coindesk, tries to find out if Diem what the world actually needs. Facebook learned pretty quickly it wouldn’t be able to “move fast and break things” in the world of payments. Finance requires trust, and the company had none when it announced its stablecoin project, then called Libra, now called Diem, in 2019. Read more

Financial inclusion: understanding the needs of the underbanked (Fintech Futures)

Andrew Arwas, a head of corporate development, Chetwood Financial, elaborates on the launch of Basic Bank Accounts, aimed at creating a product which anyone could have, including those who could not qualify for credit. Its aim was to increase “access to banks”, but (perhaps with the benefit of hindsight) we can debate how effectively this solution met the needs of those it was intended for. Read more

Detect: The Third Pillar of Industrial Cybersecurity (Cyber Security

Yaniv Vardi, a CEO of Claroty, emphasized the importance of being able to detect and respond to potential threats quickly and effectively when they surface. Unfortunately, threat detection is significantly more difficult within industrial networks. Nevertheless, there are some important factors that should be taken into consideration. Read more

Fintech innovation and the cloud: securely connecting the future of banking (Fintech Futures)

Warren Aw, managing director, APAC at Epsilon, explores the fact that financial institutions such as banks have been some of the most aggressive and largest adopters of cloud, accounting for as much as 16% of total global cloud expenditures, according to IBM. Banks have to find ways to create a flexible foundation for moving workloads to the cloud and maximizing the potential of the cloud in their businesses. Read more


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