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Visma | Onguard & CIB make collection process easier

Collaboration ensures easy data exchange

Rotterdam, September 2, 2021 – Visma | Onguard and Centraal Invorderings Bureau (CIB) will work closely together in the field of data integration. The partnership includes the integration of CreditManager, Visma | Onguard’s software solution for credit management, within CIB. Customer data required for the collection process via CIB is therefore immediately available and can be supplemented from CIB. This provides valuable data and insights and an easier collection process. This allows Visma | Onguard to serve its customers even better.

The debtor management software solution is part of Visma | Onguard’s software platform to automate and optimize the entire order-to-cash process. By integrating this credit management solution with CIB, CIB has access to all the information it needs during the collection process. In addition, information obtained by CIB can also be easily exchanged with CreditManager. This creates clearer insights into payments, payment behavior and contact options. This helps Visma | Onguard customers to get even more out of their debtor management and offers them an even more efficient order-to-cash process.

“At CIB, we are always looking for partners who are a good fit for us,” says Roman Berkhout (CCO at the Centraal Invorderings Bureau ). “The collaboration with Visma | Onguard is therefore a deliberate strategic choice. Digitalization and contributing (real-time) data to better insights for our customers is our joint focus. After all, this is an essential part of the credit management service that our clients demand today. Not only in the Netherlands, but also abroad. We both stand for quality, and we continue where other parties stop.”

Adriaan Kom (CCO at Visma | Onguard) is also very enthusiastic about this new collaboration with CIB. “Our goal is to help our customers achieve an efficient order-to-cash process as well as faster payments and an optimal customer experience. Through this collaboration, we can serve our customers even better with automated invoicing and collection services in multiple countries. A win-win situation for the customer!”

About Centaal Invorderings Bureau

Centraal Invorderings Bureau (CIB) is a credit management specialist. As part of the coeo Group, we ensure reliable, transparent, and qualitative handling of payment arrears throughout Europe. CIB has a strong focus on creating an optimal customer experience throughout the entire collection process. CIB therefore aims to allow the customer to pay his or her outstanding invoices in the simplest possible way.

Since our foundation in 2007, CIB has provided our services to more than 2000 clients. As an experienced debt collection partner and innovative credit management organization, she can provide her clients with valuable feedback.

About Visma | Onguard

In more than 25 years Visma | Onguard has grown from a specialist in credit management software to a market leader in advanced software solutions for the entire order-to-cash chain. From risk management, e-invoicing and automatic payment processing to debtor management, dispute management and collection. Visma’s solutions | Onguard are focused on connecting data on one centralized platform and linking internal and external systems and services. To do this, they use intelligent and intuitive automation to deliver valuable insights. This improved visibility and secure exchange of critical data ensures an optimal connection between all processes in the order-to-cash chain. At the same time, this ensures improved and personalized communication, resulting in stronger and long-lasting customer relationships. Customers in more than 70 countries worldwide rely daily on the Visma | Onguard platform for successful management of and tangible results in order-to-cash and credit management.


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