Weekly Analysis and Opinion Highlights – 1 November 2021

And we’re kicking off the week with new details on crypto, decentralization, Brexit, fintech-as-a-service, embedded banking and BNPL fraud. Dive into the latest fintech insights and have a great start of the week!

How ‘Stablecoins’ Could Unleash Chaos (Yale Insights)
Susie Allen, writer at YALE, discusses dollar-pegged cryptocurrencies like Tether, Paxos, and Facebook’s Diem are rapidly proliferating; Tether, with a market cap approaching $70 billion, is now the third-largest cryptocurrency in the world. Without regulation, these so-called stablecoins pose serious risks to the U.S. financial system. Read more.

Decentralized Finance: What It Is, Why It Matters (Future)
Marvin Ammori, analyst at Future, explores all the hype, buzz, skepticism, confusion, and excitement around decentralized finance aka “DeFi,” the ecosystem of blockchain-enabled products and services that replace traditional financial intermediaries with freely accessible, autonomous, and transparent software. Since there’s so much interest in this trend from entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, policymakers, and institutions big and small, he will try explain the features and benefits of DeFi, outline some challenges ahead, and consider the road to mainstream acceptance and adoption. Read more.

Two years on: Brexit and the Fintech space (Fintech Magazine)
Joanna England, writer at Fintech Magazine, highlights the fact that it’s been almost a year since the UK ended its Brexit transition period with the EU, and takes a look at the post-Brexit impact on the UK’s fintech industry. While the pandemic has been raging and dominating the headlines, fintech operators in the UK have been quietly managing a crisis of their own. The impact of Brexit has resulted in significant changes in several key areas – not least the fact that many talented, UK-based fintech experts originally hailed from EU countries. Read more.

Hilary Schmidt, writer at International Banker, discusses the importance of financial technologies in 21sy century. Today, the technologies that fintech (financial technology) companies are rolling out are invariably in hot demand. Lending institutions seeking additional agility to deliver cutting-edge solutions are increasingly looking to new, nimble tech start-ups to advance their own business functionality, with innovative products and services such as digital-payment solutions, mobile banking, wealth management and insurance products among the most highly sought after. Read more.

SEON: BNPL Fraud Is Growing, and Fintech Companies Need To Adapt (Fintech Times)
Writers at Fintech Times, point out the fact that whilst the popularity of Buy-Now-Pay-Later products garners a remarkable level of traction worldwide, there has been an equal rise in the number of cybersecurity instances associated with this form of payment. Read more.

Embedded fintech versus embedded banking – a critical difference (GBF Review)
Jennifer Geis, senior analyst at Jack Henry, explores Jack Henry & Associates’s recently conducted annual Technology Capabilities Assessment. More than 130 bank and credit union CEOs responded, reflecting the strategic priorities for a wide range of community and regional financial institutions across the U.S. The supermajority, 78% of respondents, reported plans to increase investments in financial technology over the next two years, with over 30% of respondents in the $1- to $5-billion asset range planning to increase investments by more than 10%. Read more.

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