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Informer now automatically fills in the profit share of the tax return for self-employed entrepreneurs

RIJSWIJKAfter a three year process, Informer today introduced the new open innovation ‘Automatically completed income tax return’ (AWA) in cooperation with the Dutch tax authorities. By means of this AWA module, doing the profit part of the income tax return becomes a lot easier for self-employed entrepreneurs because they can automatically fill in the profit part.

This new tax return module helps self-employed entrepreneurs to put their financial data in the income tax return quickly and without errors. “By integrating the module with parties such as Informer, the Dutch tax authorities are making it easier for entrepreneurs to easily prepare the profit section of the tax return from their own records. We are pleased to have completed the pilot with Informer. With it, the Dutch tax authorities are taking steps towards an interconnected administrative chain that is as close as possible to the everyday practices of entrepreneurs,” says Jeroen van Hulten, programme manager for digitalization at the Dutch tax authorities for SMEs. Thanks to investments in a number of pilots, this module, which was developed by the Dutch tax authorities and tested by Informer and its customers, has now been integrated into InformerOnline’s accounting software.

Downloading and uploading the income tax return to the tax authorities

In order to make it as easy as possible for self-employed entrepreneurs to file their income tax return, the RGS self employed-scheme of research agency GBNED has been used. This new standard scheme ensures that the overviews for the income tax return are pre-filled. Customers who use this standardized general ledger scheme for self employed entrepreneurs can easily download the overview of their profit share from Informer and subsequently upload it to the tax authorities. Since the overview is largely automatically pre-completed using the data from InformerOnline, filing the income tax return is simpler and less error-prone.

Unique extension of accounting to income tax return

This extension of accounting to the income tax return makes Informer unique. “Informer strives for entrepreneurs to be able to do not only their bookkeeping but also tax returns themselves,” said Remco Frühauf, CEO of Informer. Previously, the partnership with the Dutch Tax Administration ensured that entrepreneurs could not only file VAT returns directly, but also pay them directly with iDEAL. Now that Informer uses the AWA of the Dutch Tax Authorities, self-employed entrepreneurs can take care of their entire administration, from bookkeeping to the profit tax return.

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