Weekly Analysis and Opinion Highlights – 10th January 2021

And we’re kicking off the week with new details on  insurtech, payments, data, finance fiancial markets and more. Dive into the latest fintech insights and have a great start of the week!

Payments in 2022: Some are making a Big Mistake (The Financer
Focusing just on the payments space, there are many folks making forecasts for 2022. Here are the highlights.
The Financial Brand lists seven major trends for 2022:

  1. The ‘P2P’ Wars Will Continue Unabated
  2. Despite All the New Stuff, Cards (and Cash) Roll On
  3. BNPL: The Payments Wild Card
  4. It’s A Wallet! It’s a Platform! It’s Super App!
  5. Embedded Payments (Spending You Hardly Feel)
  6. Real Time Payments Keep Grinding Forward
  7. Mastercard and Visa: Bloodied But Unbeaten

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Ushered in by the pandemic, a wave of hyper-digitisation and new opportunities has swept across the fintech industry over the past year. And it’s not about to stop. With another period of hybrid working and continued COVID-19 changes lying ahead, consumer and business circumstances are becoming more complex than ever. These increasingly unique needs call for modern IT to solve each individual case. This is where fintech alliances are set to really make their mark next year by supercharging customised financial products, services and the time it takes to put them in market. What does this technology actually look like, and how will it make its impact in 2022? Read more.

Open Banking and the future of payments – interview with Volt (The PayPers)
Tom Greenwood, Founder and CEO of Volt, discusses Open Banking and the future of payments. What was a nascent PSD2 infrastructure has quickly developed and matured into a significant market participant, where direct payments and account-to-account (A2A) are concerned. There continue to be broad and consistent improvements to the Open Banking infrastructure. Transaction numbers are growing exponentially. Leading brands are engaging in the Open Banking payments discussion and showing high interest. They all want the same thing; to leverage the benefits of a faster, simpler, and more secure payments service. Read more.

2021: The year when Big Tech ‘Googled’ the financial markets and liked the results (Waterstech)
Now that cloud has become widely adopted by financial firms, Big Tech companies are seeking to leverage their other services to become more ingrained in the workflows of the capital markets. The capital markets industry spends a fortune on technology each year—possibly as much as half a trillion dollars globally—including everything from specialized trading and risk applications, market data and supporting technologies, corporate IT, networks and infrastructure, and services like cloud storage and compute resources. Read more.

Insurtech Trends for 2022 (Insurance through leadership)
The insurance sector is facing unprecedented change in a rapidly evolving environment. Energy transition, circular economy, urbanization, digitization: These trends have far-reaching consequences for the way we live and work. From sustainable investing to healthy living, from sensor revolution to climate change, the playing field has become incredibly varied and complex over a relatively short time. How is this playing out for the insurance sector? Read more.

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