Weekly Anlysis and Opinion Highlights – 31 January 2022

And we’re kicking off the week with new details on banking, partnerships, funding, credit unions, open banking and more. Dive into the latest fintech insights and have a great start of the week!

Why everyone will know the term embedded lending in 2022 (Fintech Futures)
Embedded lending is booming. Over the past year, we’ve seen huge numbers of retailers offering lending services to consumers with new buy now, pay later (BNPL) offerings providing a much-needed boost to spending in the sector. In the UK B2B space, a parallel trend is emerging. Payment service providers (PSPs) and e-commerce platforms outside of the traditional finance environment are lending to their business customers directly. SME demand for finance is set to continue to grow globally in 2022, bringing with it a surge in prevalence of embedded lending, which is still ripe for the taking in Europe. Read more.

Five Banking As A Service Trends To Watch In 2022 (Forbes)
Chris Dean, CEO and co-founder of Treasury Prime, a leading banking as a service (BaaS) provider. Remember The late ’90s pet supplies e-commerce site became shorthand for a lesson of the dot-com bubble: What sounds cool doesn’t always make money. But the idea behind wasn’t the problem. The idea found traction as e-commerce matured. Launched a decade-plus after, Chewy is basically the same concept — just a lucrative version of it. The real wisdom here is you can’t predict everything. There are great ideas that fail because consumers aren’t ready or because of bad execution. Fast-growing markets such as fintech have ample room for both progress and missteps. Read more.

Garden of Eden: how Africa’s digital transformation promises to boost the continent (Fintech Futures)
Africa has all the makings of a world-beating fintech ecosystem. A perfect storm of demographics, technology and opportunity have set the stage for Africa, home to some of the world’s fastest growing economies and dynamic tech centres, to become a global fintech powerhouse. Funding for African fintechs has been pouring in, with the likes of TradeDepotChipper CashOPay and Wave all securing funding rounds in excess of $100 million in the last year. Africa’s population is also set to double by 2050. And while the West sees its average population age — and therefore its tax base — creaking, the African continent has a median age of 20. Read more.

Fintech meets sustainability as new-age entrepreneurs bet on green energy (BS)
Entrepreneurs are trying to lure investors to such platforms with monthly returns, carbon credits and even discounts on electricity bills. The fast growth of green energy capacity in the country is attracting new-age entrepreneurs to develop business ideas to tap a generation which is ready to go green. These platforms are offering retail investors options to invest in green energy, electric mobility and affore¬station without the expense of setting up a physical unit. Entrepreneurs are trying to lure investors to such platforms with monthly returns, carbon credits and even discounts on electricity bills. Based in Bengaluru, Mathew Samuel came up with the idea of SundayGrids, which targets GenZ, who want to invest in. Read more.

The proliferation of digital transformation: from ‘nice to have’ to a necessity for success (Fintech Futures)
The overarching concept of digital transformation is to use technology to replace manual processes with automated, digital ones and to replace older, legacy systems with modern, agile technologies. What was historically seen as “a good idea for the future” or a nice add-on or update to an outdated system has now become mission critical. Digital transformation has become the benchmark for survival in the financial market, making it even more critical for success and innovation. As next-gen technology continues to transform, financial services companies and their executive teams are bracing for the next phase of digital transformation. Read more.

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