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Cognito Media Amsterdam Takes Multiple Wins in the 2022 NYX Awards!

Amsterdam, Netherlands—5 April 2022 The NYX Awards winners for the Season 1 cycle has been revealed to the public by the International Awards Associate (IAA) for public viewing! The NYX Awards have received well over 1,200 entries from across the globe and is the leading award program to honor and celebrate creative individuals and communication design experts.

This year, Cognito Media Amsterdam is bringing back two Grand awards and one Silver Award in the awards program for its InMotion branded content campaign. The Amsterdam-based PR, communications, and marketing agency for the financial services sector won the Grand Awards in the “Magazine” category for “Publications” and “Design” while securing a Silver Award for “Content Marketing Strategy”. The entry submission of the work that led to their decisive victory is created by Cognito Media Amsterdam for Dutch mortgage services provider Stater.

“Winning not one, but three awards is an amazing feeling,” says Jan Jaap Omvlee, Partner at Cognito Media Amsterdam and content lead. “We created a content campaign for the European financial services C-suite centered on a magazine that brought together startups and traditional players, all speaking on today’s leading themes, such as digital transformation, innovation, and growth. The magazine’s content also found its way onto a lead-generating website and social media campaign. We’re honored to be recognized by the NYX Awards for our hard work.”

The NYX Awards program is comprised of a series of competitions, which are open to all aspiring participants worldwide. The awards are hosted underneath the IAA umbrella in its quest to raise the benchmark of the media industry and promote the creative excellence and giving industry professionals a platform to compete alongside with their peers.

“This year, the IAA and the grand jury of the 2022 NYX Awards are once again blown away by this year’s entries,” notes Thomas Brandt, spokesperson of IAA. “The marketing communications design submitted by individuals all over the world demonstrates remarkable levels of quality and refinement that commends our everlasting acknowledgement and respect.”

In IAA’s quest to uphold impartiality and maintaining a gold standard in the media industry, a panel of jurors is set up comprised of industry professionals with years of experience and deliver a criteria assessment based on current industry standards. The judge will seek out companies and individuals who recognize their potential to raise the respective industry benchmark.


After observing entries submitted from over 19 countries, the NYX Awards have enlisted the help of 31 jurors. These esteemed panel of jurors are known and held in upmost respect within the industry and have affiliation with industry-leading entities in media, including: Anthony Wiktor (United States), Samantha Fay (United Kingdom), Birger Linke (Singapore), Anthony Jones (United Kingdom), Pancho Gonzalez (Chile), Rafael Marin (United States), Daniel da Hora (Brazil), Jurij Plavnik (Italy), Emanuel Kapp (United States), Shadi Al Hroub (Oman), and many more.


The NYX Awards is an internationally-acclaimed, all-encompassing awards program with many prominent names and organizations from the industry submitting their entries every year. Some entries are submitted by the companies themselves or by entrants who have produced works for them. The awards program has received direct submissions in the awards program from the brands themselves, such as: IC4DESIGN, Gravity Global, Groove Jones, Vicarious PR, Warner Media – Courageous Studios, PeopleReady, ADR Studio, Family AG, Optic Sky Productions, Cinema8 and indirect submissions such as Google, Cadillac, Embraer, Airbus, Getac, Butzel, Cleveland Clinic, WWF, and more.

“From something as simple as printing out posters and flyers, to voices and sounds played on a radio commercial, to even more elaborate and stunning visuals on screens,” Thomas said. “No matter the medium, be it traditional and contemporary, creativity will always find a way to continue to push the boundaries of marketing communications of all kinds.”


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