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Eurofiber introduces VitalFiber1-40 Gb/s

Today Eurofiber announces the new market proposition VitalFiber1-40 Gb/s. VitalFiber1-40 Gb/s is the collective name for new fiber optic solutions with all vital elements for the most reliable and fastest fiber connectivity in the Dutch market. For recognisability, Eurofiber uses speed indications for the different variants of VitalFiber1-40 Gb/s: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40 (Gb/s).

In the Netherlands, Eurofiber has 74% of all universities, 82% of hospitals, 83% of energy networks and 92% of all data centers connected to the fiber optic network. This comes with a great responsibility, especially as the digital transformation is currently in high gear. Digital infrastructures are vital for organizations for the continuity of their business operations. This means that Eurofiber’s digital infrastructure is vital to society. Eurofiber has therefore been designated by the Dutch government as a provider of vital infrastructure.

In order to stay ahead of the lightning-fast developments in connectivity, Eurofiber has again invested heavily in the past year in increasing the security, scalability, capacity and speed of its core fiber optic network. With the launch of VitalFiber1-40, these improvements are now also available to Eurofiber’s business customers. Whether this concerns hospitals, transport and production companies, education, eCommerce or government agencies.

Paul Nearby, Managing Director Eurofiber Netherlands: “ With VitalFiber1-40 we offer a clear offer for every company; big or small. For customers with the highest demands, there is even a 40 Gb/s package. At the moment we are already switching some customers to VitalFiber1-40. I am proud that with this suitable offering of the VitalFiber1-40 propositions, we are able to offer our customers exactly what they need and continue to lead the way with innovative connectivity solutions.”

VitalFiber1-40 will be available nationwide after the summer.


Find out more here.

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