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Partnership Greatwaves and Eurofiber

The collaboration for the A to Z solution for business internet. Eurofiber and Greatwaves together provide the ultimate and total internet & WiFi solution for companies.

Together we set up the perfect internet connection for you.
An excellent business internet subscription is the basis for a perfect network. Greatwaves ensures the use of perfect WiFi and wired internet for our joint customers. The fiber optic network is provided by Eurofiber. By working together we arrive at the best solution. ‘It is very pleasant to switch with Greatwaves and the lines are short. In addition to the great WiFi proposition, Greatwaves is also quickly on site to install a temporary solution, for example. Customers are then online and well-served in no time,” says Robin de Rover, Retail account manager at Eurofiber Netherlands.

Where can Greatwaves and Eurofiber reinforce each other?
Eurofiber takes care of an open, high-quality and future-proof fiber optic network delivered up to the CPE. From there, Greatwaves picks it up with Wi-Fi cabling, installation and monitoring. Greatwaves has already applied this collaborative approach for several companies, including Crisp, Workdistrict and Salonized. 


Find out more about the companies here.

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