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Delta Capita and announce alliance

Delta Capita, the financial services arm of Prytek, and, a Belgium-based fast-growing technology company, are pleased to announce an alliance to bring’s award-winning Model Risk Management technology to Delta Capita’s clients. Through the new collaboration, Delta Capita teams will guide and support clients to establish and enhance their model risk management processes and framework.

The advent of Model Risk Management (MRM) in financial services firms has given rise to several challenges such as ever-growing model inventories, heightened regulatory scrutiny, increasing complexity, and lack of talent. Model risk, like any other type of risk, must be managed under an Enterprise Risk Management Framework, which is a comprehensive approach to identifying, capturing, and assessing model risk, subject to an overall risk appetite set at board level. Embedding this approach has put a strain on the relatively newly formed MRM departments, while external factors and demands are changing rapidly.

With this alliance, Delta Capita’s clients will benefit from the technology advantage that brings as they will be able to manage model risk and streamline model development and validation in one platform. The alliance will solve MRM challenges holistically and reduce resource demand while extracting business value from a resource-hungry MRM department.’s platform, Chiron, was developed by practitioners in the field with intricate knowledge of the problems faced by MRM departments. The technology not only allows for enterprise management of model risk but also standardises the model lifecycle by allowing collaboration across model developers and model validators. Chiron is able to link up with analytics libraries and data sources, manage a model inventory, and produce and store regulatory-compliant documentation, thus offering an end-to-end solution for the management of model risk.


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