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Exponential growth while combating fraudulent merchant attacks

Can your business grow exponentially while keeping safe from fraud at the same time?

For Viva Wallet (, the Greek unicorn, the answer is yes!

Viva Wallet uses Fraudio’s Merchant Initiated Fraud Detection solution to stop fraudulent merchants while facilitating Viva Wallet’s hyper-growth at the same time.

Viva Wallet has been using Fraudio since 2019 and during this time, they have registered:
✅ 7x growth
✅ 600% more efficient fraud teams
✅ 3 weeks earlier detection of fraud cases
✅ 8x ROI

“I see the bottom line. The bottom line is that each and every notification that Fraudio sends to us is taken very seriously and very promptly within our team. Every fraudulent transaction that is under the umbrella provided to us by Fraudio is caught very early on” says George Gkionis, Chief Software Architect (Risk and AML) at Viva Wallet.

➡️ See the case study here:

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