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MT1000: coeo voted most customer-friendly credit management organization

Best service provider of 2022 in the category Credit Management, Factoring & Collection.

Rotterdam – Earlier this year, the annual MT1000 survey* of the best business service providers in the Netherlands took place. coeo proudly finished in 1st place in the category Credit Management, Factoring & Collection. Thanks to a data-driven approach and the amazing work ethic of the team, coeo strives for the best result every day. With success.

Through the Net Promoter Score (NPS) the assessment took place on various content aspects: NPS, customer focus, product leadership and on (excellent) quality of execution. In each subcategory coeo finished in 1st place. Also in general ranking (Top 1000) of best business service providers coeo scores pretty high and belongs to the Top 20.

Niels de Peuter (former CEO of coeo) and his successor Rody Overwater describe in an extensive interview in the MT1000 edition of 2022 the road to operational excellence. Among other things, they tell how the in-house developed collection software and working from data increases service and leads to satisfied clients and customers. Besides positive customer reviews, the fact that coeo has now reached the first place in the MT1000 is a nice confirmation of this.

Winning this award further motivates coeo to continue to develop. The new management and board are already focusing on the next steps. “Continuous improvement is becoming a permanent part within all our disciplines, this makes us even stronger as an organization,” Overwater said. “My task in the coming period is to give that growth more depth, by honing operational excellence. I will be zooming in on every aspect of our work, with the goal of ultimately making it even better.” Read the entire article here: Self-developed software makes credit management organization coeo flexible and customer-centric.

About coeo
coeo NL (part of the coeo Group) is an innovative credit management organization with more than 100 employees. As a credit management specialist, we ensure a reliable, transparent and qualitative treatment of payment arrears in Europe. 
We create an optimal customer experience for our clients’ customers throughout the entire collection process. Our goal is therefore to allow the customer to pay their outstanding invoices in the simplest possible way.

As one of the leading credit management partners in Europe, coeo has a strong focus on improving and developing (innovative) solutions that fit the e-commerce industry. We are not afraid to use smart systems and digital tools for an optimal collection process. Go to coeo for more information.

coeo Incasso B.V.
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