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Digital Identity, the future is now

The digital landscape is evolving, and with it, the significance of digital identities is paramount. In a world where online interactions, transactions, and communications are integral, having a robust digital identity infrastructure is crucial for security, streamlined processes, enhanced user experiences, and reliable transactions. The shift towards a secure and open business environment necessitates a move beyond traditional security measures, emphasizing the need for a well-implemented Identity and Access Management (IAM) model.

IAM, while essential, presents complex challenges. Successful programs must be set within the right organizational context and governance structure. Achieving a legitimate digital identity with the correct access to resources requires coordination among multiple stakeholders, with governance forming the foundational element of any IAM program. The amalgamation of diverse solutions and processes in an IAM landscape, especially in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, adds complexity. This complexity is further compounded by the necessity to manage credentials across open technology environments, requiring cohesive identity fabric that aligns with future technological demands.

Understanding and modeling access to systems and data is another challenge, involving concepts such as least privileges, segregations of duties, and delegated administration. The combination of end-user access into business roles introduces further complexity, especially when dealing with access requirements across various systems and platforms. Protiviti, a global consulting firm with extensive expertise in risk management and system integration, acknowledges and navigates these complexity drivers, offering assistance in avoiding common pitfalls associated with the implementation of digital identities and IAM.

Protiviti’s approach involves assessing the current state of an organization’s IAM, strategizing the path forward for IAM landscape renewal, and implementing an operating model. They assist in aligning stakeholders, building program oversight, defining and implementing end-user identity lifecycle processes, and incorporating the necessary technology. The design and implementation of role and authorization models are also within the scope of Protiviti’s expertise.

Beyond technical system integration, Protiviti serves as a business analyst and risk manager, helping organizations define measures against the risk of compromise and breach. The goal is to ensure that the IAM model aligns with business objectives while avoiding overdesign in risk management measures.

In summary, Protiviti positions itself as a comprehensive partner in the realm of digital identity and IAM. Their team, equipped with knowledge and expertise, collaborates with organizations to elevate IAM programs and landscapes. By providing strategic guidance, implementing robust operating models, and addressing the complexities inherent in digital identities, Protiviti aims to safeguard businesses and users in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Organizations interested in their services are encouraged to reach out for more information, as Protiviti positions itself as a reliable go-to partner in the realm of digital identity and IAM.

Find Protiviti’s 2-pager document attached here.

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