Top Dutch News – 15 November 2023

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Silverflow Enters the APAC market with speedy Mastercard Go-Live (Fintech Finance News)

Silverflow has marked its entry into the Asia Pacific (APAC) payments market by swiftly going live with Mastercard in Singapore. The move follows Silverflow’s recent signing of its first APAC customer. Leveraging their collective expertise and fostering seamless collaboration, Silverflow and Mastercard accomplished technical implementation and certification within an unprecedented two-month timeframe. This achievement enables acquirers and merchants in the APAC region to benefit from Silverflow’s advanced technologies, enhancing collaborative, expedited, and efficient payment processing. Anne Willem De Vries, CEO of Silverflow, expressed pleasure in partnering with Mastercard for the rapid go-live, emphasizing the company’s aggressive growth targets. The quick deployment for an APAC-based global digital merchant was attributed to the strong historical ties and collaboration between Silverflow and Mastercard, combined with the team’s extensive experience in the payments domain. Silverflow had previously announced its official launch and the opening of a New York office earlier in the year, with expansion into the APAC region being the next strategic move in their growth plans. The collaboration between Silverflow and Mastercard is expected to continue globally, providing customers with cutting-edge technology and innovative payment solutions. Read full article here.

FRISS launches Claims Analytics Accelerator for Guidewire Cloud (Fintech Global)

FRISS, a global leader in trust automation for Property and Casualty insurers, has launched the FRISS Accelerator for Claims Analytics for ClaimCenter Cloud. This integration seamlessly embeds FRISS capabilities into Guidewire’s ClaimCenter, enhancing adjuster and customer experiences in the Guidewire Cloud environment. Leveraging advanced AI, internal and third-party data, and risk indicators, the solution automates claims analysis, displaying fraud and risk screenings within ClaimCenter for an efficient workflow. Available in the Guidewire Marketplace, it specifically caters to ClaimCenter users on Guidewire Cloud. FRISS specializes in trust automation, emphasizing the significance of technology in simplifying insurers’ work. Bas de Graaf, Partner Manager at FRISS, sees the Accelerator as a crucial step in reducing claim leakage and improving customer experience. Will Murphy, Vice President at Guidewire, applauds FRISS for this integration, recognizing its positive impact on adjusters and customers within Guidewire Cloud. Read full article here.

Adyen reassures major investors, analysts also positive (fd.)

Adyen, the Amsterdam-based payment service provider, successfully reassured investors during its first Investor Day after a recent market dip. Anticipating criticism for delayed growth reports, Adyen faced a relatively calm audience in San Francisco. Co-CEO Ingo Uytdehaage and CFO Ethan Tandowsky, while not apologizing for previous communication lapses, acknowledged the need for improved transparency. The event resulted in a significant market upswing, with the company’s shares closing almost 38% higher on the Amsterdam stock exchange. Adyen pledged increased transparency in future forecasts and more frequent reporting. Despite adjusting downward revenue expectations, analysts responded positively, deeming the presented mid-term goals as realistic. Adyen plans robust growth, particularly in the United States, targeting 20-30% growth until 2026 and a minimum 50% EBITDA. Notably, the company emphasized its unique position in the payment industry amid rising competition. While investing in product development, Adyen also revealed plans to reduce personnel-related costs. The overall tone from investors and analysts was positive, signaling confidence in Adyen’s strategic direction. Read full article here.

Former Adyen VPs raise €9M for their Dutch-based billing platform Solvimon (Silicon Canals)

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