Weekly Analysis And Opinion Highlights – 27 November 2023

And we’re kicking off the week with new analysis and opinions on fintech with updates on the future of banking, generative AI, ransomware threats, and more. Dive into the latest fintech insights and have a great start to the week!

How a Milei presidency could boost Argentine fintech (Fintech Nexus)

Libertarian Javier Milei’s unexpected victory in Argentina’s presidential elections has sparked optimism in the fintech sector. Industry leaders anticipate a more favorable regulatory environment and improved economic prospects under Milei’s market-oriented approach, despite the lack of detailed economic policies. Read more

In Mexico, fintechs eagerly await the delayed Open Finance regulation (Fintech Nexus)

In Mexico, fintechs eagerly await the delayed Open Finance regulation, with the industry urging the government to expedite the process for the release of open banking regulations by year-end. Despite assurances from the regulatory body, concerns persist about the current legal framework hindering the growth potential of open banking, putting Mexico at risk of lagging behind its Latin American counterparts. Read more

A glance ahead: the European payments landscape in 2024 (Fintech Futures)

Eva Zhang, CEO of Alipay UK, anticipates a transformative year for the European payments landscape in 2024. Noteworthy trends include the rising adoption of e-wallets, driven by initiatives like the European Payments Initiative (EPI). As Europe progresses toward a cashless society, Zhang emphasizes the importance of accommodating diverse payment preferences and expanding payment options. Additionally, with a focus on cross-border commerce, businesses are expected to tailor payment methods to meet international demands, fostering innovation in cross-border payments technology. Overall, 2024 is poised to be a year of innovation and change in Europe’s payments landscape. Read more

Leader or loser? The future of UK Open Banking hangs in the balance (Altfi)

Helen Child, CEO and founder of Open Banking Excellence (OBE), emphasizes the critical juncture facing the UK in the realm of Open Banking. As a global leader in this space for the past six years, the UK has witnessed significant growth, creating jobs and fostering a sector worth over £4bn. However, with the advent of Open Finance and the promise of an Open Data economy, there is both an opportunity to solidify the UK’s leadership position and a risk of losing ground to competitors. Child advocates for the creation of a global Open Banking center of excellence, positioning the UK as a hub for knowledge and innovation. Read more

What exactly is venture debt? (Altfi)

Daniel Lanyon explores the rising prominence of venture debt, a specialized form of lending that is gaining attention in the aftermath of the economic downturn and the challenges faced by the venture capital industry. Traditionally overshadowed by equity investments, venture debt has become a viable alternative, particularly in the wake of the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). The non-dilutive nature of venture debt, allowing companies to secure funding without diluting existing stakes, is a significant advantage. As SVB portfolios are reshuffled and acquired by other institutions, venture debt is experiencing a catch-up effect and heightened visibility. Big banks, recognizing the potential of technology lending, are entering the venture debt space to fill the void left by SVB’s demise. Read more

Your pitch deck needs to be machine-readable (Tech Crunch)

Haje Jan Kamps discusses the importance of making pitch decks machine-readable in the era of artificial intelligence (AI). Drawing from personal experience with an AI tool that reviews pitch decks, Kamps emphasizes the need for founders to ensure their decks are accessible to AI bots. He highlights instances where the bot misinterpreted decks due to the founders’ choice of turning text into images for design purposes. Kamps provides tips for creating machine-readable pitch decks, emphasizing clarity and simplicity to facilitate effective communication with AI. The article suggests that considering the machine-readability of pitch decks is crucial in a tech-driven landscape where AI plays a pervasive role. Read more

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