Data and the Future of Financial Services Summit
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Jun 2022
Hallam Conference Centre

Data and the Future of Financial Services Summit


“Our data challenges are substantial, but so is our ambition, our commitment and our determination. I know there is so much we can achieve in digital transformation by working together, sharing knowledge, experience and expertise across the public and private sectors, to shape and deliver truly transformative policies. And for all of us there could be no greater prize than to change people’s lives – for good.”

The confluence of Big Data, Cloud Computing and AI has revolutionised the opportunities and threats that data presents to data-intensive industries such as financial services. The industry’s experience of crisis response has shown the potential risks of data sharing to the firms and their customers. As the regulatory landscape evolves, it is becoming increasingly important to understand a) what is driving data risks in your organisation and b) how to stay alert to far greater scrutiny from regulators, who want financial services firms to build a strong data culture to ensure responsible, transparent and ethical use of machine learning and data analytics. Of course, the opportunities are also huge: AI-driven data analytics can massively increase personalisation of financial products and the granularity of risk assessment.

Against this background, City & Financial Global is pleased to announce that the next edition of ‘The Data and the Future of Financial Services Summit, chaired by Vivienne Artz OBE, Non-Executive Director, GLEIF, Chair of the IRSG Data Committee and Chair of the Board of Directors, IAPP, will be held in person in Central London on the 14th of June 2022.

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