Fintech Week Tel Aviv
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- 23
Mar 2022
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Fintech Week Tel Aviv

Fintech Week Tel Aviv is an annual conference bringing together players from a host
of global fintech hotspots and the financial services world to deliberate, share ideas
and best practices, and look at ways to collaborate and do business.

Over the three days, we will look at the pressing issues and monumental challenges
in the fintech space as we adapt to the new normal, all under the Tel Aviv sun.
The pandemic has failed to halt innovation, the huge amount of activity in fintech
continues apace. Investment into the Israeli fintech space skyrocketed in 2021. In the
last quarter alone, Israeli companies raised an impressive $1.5bn, surpassing the total
for all of 2020 in just one quarter!

Access to financial services has grown exponentially during the pandemic, with a huge
increase in fintech adoption that demonstrates the social value of fintech.
Challenges aside, the sector is poised to leverage its unique attributes to aid the
recovery process, and to bolster financial services.

We will welcome guests from the Gulf. The normalisation of relations between Israel
and the UAE and Bahrain will bring abundant opportunity not only to the region but the
wider world. We’ll look at how the value can be extracted and turned into strong,
sustainable relationships.

Fintech Week gives you direct access to the Israeli ecosystem, as well as key global
players, and the ability to see the latest Israeli innovation first hand. It’s an opportunity
to meet the success stories of tomorrow, and learn about the trends and disruptions
that will shape the future of financial services.

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