Member Spotlight: OutSystems

09 Sep Member Spotlight: OutSystems

This week we welcome a fresh new member to Holland FinTech. OutSystems is a provider of a digital platform to develop and deploy infinite types of mobile and web applications for enterprises. Many would name this a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). OutSystems offers a so called Rapid Application Delivery platform (RAD) which stands out for its speed and seamless abilities to customize and modify. Moreover, the generic development tools of the platform enable complete integration with existing infrastructure and legacy systems. The Platform can be applied in the cloud or on-premise. Clients are completely free to choose to which extent they manage or develop their applications, if desired OutSystems can do it all. OutSystems works closely together with trusted, renowned partners like Microsoft Azure, Oracle and Amazon Web Services.

Since 2005, the company is based in the centrally located town of Maarssen and due to their strong growth, recently relocated to Utrecht, where it has built an impressive list of corporate clients after being founded in 2001. The services of OutSystems did not go unnoticed and received worldwide recognition and support from industry leaders and research firms like Gartner & Forrester. Mark Slooff, Sales Director Benelux, tells us how OutSystems has become what it is today: “Ten years ago large organizations did not consider digital transformation as a sheer necessity. Nowadays digitalization is not only trending but sometimes even an indispensable part of a strategy. Our clients choose to work with us because we have the experience of implementing large projects together with our system integration partners. The main advantage of our platform is its flexibility to customize to the needs of every user and make adjustments in order to comply with changing regulation or demands. Another important recognition is the license by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) to offer our product in the public AWS cloud. This widens our possibilities and increases trust among our clients. Consequently, we recently welcomed a very large, global insurer which asked us to build their group pension engine and portal. A very intensive and complex task considering the amount of calculations and compliance features we have to apply. We still see that many enterprises struggle with heavy, outdated systems which are more difficult to modify. We often imagine it like riding a horse and carriage on the digital highway, it is simply counterproductive.

Currently, most companies demand high speed implementation and easy modification. Our platform promises this exactly. We joined Holland Fintech because we saw an increasing interest of financial services providers towards our products. For financials, this is the right time to partner up with the right digital tools and platforms. OutSystems really has something special to offer in such a tightly regulated segment. We are very eager to show the world what we have to offer, upcoming October 12th part of our international conference NextStep will be held in Nieuwegein where we will show the features of the new version 10 from our Rapid Application Delivery platform through educational lab sessions and client showcases!”