Company Size
1-10 Employees
About AXiS DiGiTAAL B.V.
AXiS DiGiTAAL is established since 2014 and was developing a web application for healthcare. This was based on the idea that the operational process could be different than the other programs on the market and much easier to us, so that everyone could enjoy their day. With this in mind, we have expanded our projects and focused on the new generation of technology. As a result, we have created more possibilities whereby people can make more use of systems in which this new generation of technology has been applied. We want to make things easier to help the humanity, but also more aware of a better world and more.
Product / Service Description
AXIS Real – Time Communication
AXiS DiGiTAAL has a real-time communication system in which the communication via the data network that becomes a new way of calling by AXIS – RTC. With this, AXiS DiGiTAAL has a revolutionary real-time communication system which gives access to people in an open or closed real-time system at any desired location via IoT devices connected to the internet.

Web development - we can develop a simple single static page of plain text to a complex web-based web-apps, online business and a social network service.
Software development - we can take on issues from a large organization and develop advanced software and applications for this that thousands of people ultimately use.
Security programming - the security of your data is one of our most important responsibilities. Careless or inexpert programming causes security holes that are difficult to protect afterwards. We carry out tests and advise where the organization can be improved.
Solution Description
Our goal is to make a difference in technology to enrich the personal lives of our customers and to make their business more successful.
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