Company Size
11-50 Employees
Amsterdam, Netherlands
About CryptoRefills
We believe that within the next 10 to 15 years blockchain and bitcoin (or some other forms of cryptocurrency) will become the main payment technology and medium. With Cryptorefills we are on a mission to bring bitcoin and crypto into everyday life and accelerate mass adoption.
Product / Service Description
Cryptorefills is a website and Android app offering users in over 150 countries the possibility to use their bitcoin and crypto to make everyday purchases. With Cryptorefills, users can use different cryptocurrencies to top up their phone credit across 600 Mobile Operators, subscribe to their favorite entertainment services (Spotify, Google Play, iTunes) purchase from top e-commerce brands (Amazon, Zalando) and even buy airline tickets and hotel stays (, Flightcard), satellite TV services (Sky).
Solution Description
While most initiatives in this space have concentrated on B2B crypto payments processing, we want to start from a 100% B2C focus. In a highly disruptive payment scenario, only by being on the frontline with the end user and controlling all aspects of the purchase experience (from marketing to customer care) it is possible to truly understand and serve the needs of crypto-shoppers.
Customer Type
Primary Markets
Africa‎, Asia‎, Australia‎, Europe‎, Middle East‎, North America‎, South America‎
Primary Countries
United States
Primary Sector
Tech Platforms/Solutions
Products Offered
Cryptocurrency Services‎, e-Commerce
Customers & Distribution
Tech Platforms/Solutions
Suppliers & Partners
Security & Fraud Prevention, Trading/Asset Management
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