Company Size
11-50 Employees
Brussels, Belgium
About Ibanity
Ibanity was created by a team of passionate developer and was bought by Isabel Group in 2017. Isabel Group is one of the biggest fintechs in Belgium and has been around for more than 25 years, specializing in payments, documents and identities.
Product / Service Description
Ibanity is the API-marketplace of Isabel Group. We are making all the API products of Isabel Group and external APIs available in a clean and standardized way. We have created a user-friendly developer platform with functional and technical documentation for every API. On top of this we are offering top-notch developer support. Current available APIs: - XS2A: PSD2 services for licensed third-parties - Ponto Connect: PSD2 services for unlicensed softwares - Isabel Connect: An API to interface with our existing Isabel6 software. - E-invoicing: Send and receive e-invoices by connecting to our PEPPOL-access point
Solution Description
Ibanity solves the issue of connecting to multiple developer platforms for different financial API-products. Are API-product range from PSD2 payment and bank account information APIs to E-invoicing APIs. Connect once and make use of all our APIs available on the marketplace.
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