Company Size
1-10 Employees
Rotterdam, Netherlands
About Inno-Sight
Inno-Sight is a start-up who provides software which makes it easy to provide financial forecasting with multiple scenarios.
Product / Service Description
We've made an application which helps accountants, finance professionals, CFO's and others by making forecasting easy with multiple scenario's. By bringing financial data, macro-data and statistics together in order to predict the future of the company more accurate and easy as possible.
Solution Description
We're aiming to build the bridge between lending, risk and financial consultancy. Unlocking datasources and translate the SME's goals into reachable finance solutions.
Customer Type
Financial Institutions‎, Investors‎, SME's‎
Primary Markets
Primary Countries
Primary Sector
Data Analytics & Administration
Products Offered
Accountancy‎, Data and Analytics‎, Software Development‎
Customers & Distribution
Invoice & Credit Management
Suppliers & Partners
Data Analytics & Administration
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