Company Size
10001+ Employees
New York City, USA
About McKinsey & Company
We are a global partnership for the creation of significant and sustainable impact for our clients, and to be a home for exceptional talent
Product / Service Description
McKinsey & Company is a consulting partnership serving clients on Strategy, Operations, Risk, Organization, Marketing & Sales, Digital & Analytics, and Leadership and Capability Building. We strive to set the industry benchmark for lasting impact, and attracting the best possible talent on earth to help our clients achieve this.
Solution Description
To build our client's capabilities such that we serve them only once on a topic. We take an independent view on whether lasting impact is achievable, and will not engage before the conditions for success are in place. We believe this reputation will invite us to new impact opportunities, as well as retain our exceptional talent.
This infographic gives an overview of how the different sectors within the ecosystem are positioned in the financial services value chain.
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