Company Size
11-50 Employees
About Ockto
Ockto is the platform to share personal data. Safely, securely and easily. We believe in the use of source data for digital and reliable solutions. As a result, customers need to send fewer documents and data sharing is easier. With Ockto we bundle data into a validated dataset that is retrieved directly from the source. We are proud that many (financial) service providers have already successfully launched new data-driven products thanks to Ockto. And that they have thereby accelerated and simplified their processes. This is beneficial for the service provider and for the consumer. It is also sometimes possible to perform a real-time customer assessment.
Product / Service Description
Ockto is a data-sharing platform, for personal. For example, Ockto-app users can identify themselves and share their data for a mortgage application, rental home, energy allowance or private lease contract. Only the data necessary for the process is shared. Nothing more and nothing less. With Ockto, all kinds of personal data can be provided to fully digitalize customer onboarding processes; - Source data from governmental institutions - Digital identification - Open banking > Source data from governmental institutions For retrieving data, Ockto works with different types of source data. This is data that is stored with authorities such as the Dutch Tax Authority, MijnOverheid, the UWV and DUO. Customers retrieve the necessary data quickly and securely via the Ockto app. After permission, they are shared with the organization that requests them. > Digital identification With Ockto, people can easily and reliably identify themselves. We do this on the basis of verified data from the 'Basisregistratie Personen' (BRP, MijnOverheid) and with iDIN or an eIDV solution. This combination creates a unique set of verified personal data from the BRP in combination with the confirmation of the identity by a bank or eIDV. > Open Banking You can also retrieve information from bank transactions via Ockto. The customer logs in to his bank via the Ockto app. After permission, the app can collect bank transactions there. This gives you up-to-date insight into income and expenditure. The data is categorized per transaction. Think of housing costs, gas/water/electricity, alimony, or lease costs.
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Corporates‎, Financial Institutions‎, Scaleups, SME's‎
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Tech Services & Advisory
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Compliance Solutions, Innovation Services‎, Personal Finance‎, Technology Services, Technology Solutions‎
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Banks, Financial Institutions, Pensions & Insurance, Tech Platforms/Solutions, Tech Services & Advisory
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Tech Platforms/Solutions, Tech Services & Advisory
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