Company Size
1-10 Employees
Amsterdam, Netherlands
About PaymentCounsel
PaymentCounsel brings a decade of (in-house) expertise in the international payments industry to companies that seek advice or hands-on help
Product / Service Description
The services: providing regulatory and strategic guidance on compliance matters and new product development, identifying areas of regulatory compliance vulnerability and risk and developing corrective action plans, performing AML audit and GAP analysis, strategic guidance in contract negotiations and non-executive positions
Solution Description
We consult acquirers, PSPs, EMIs and other FinTech companies in their start-up phases that want to expand their business. With our extensive inhouse experience we can provide solutions which mitigate compliance risks, without hindering business growth.
Customer Type
Primary Markets
Primary Countries
Primary Sector
Products Offered
Main Customers & Distribution
Main Suppliers & Partners
Discover new potential partners to work with, find out more about certain companies and get new ideas for your business.
The Amsterdam Fintech Week gathers all players and companies active in the fintech scene for a week of program throughout the Dutch capital.
Widening the scope across borders this new production will not only include the Dutch fintech scene but highlight developments on a European level as well.

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