Slimmer AI
Company Size
11-50 Employees
Amsterdam and Groningen, Netherlands
About Slimmer AI
Slimmer AI is a software company with in-depth expertise in applying AI and ML at scale. Where we started as a spin-off from the University of Groningen we now have over 10 years of experience. We believe AI to be the single most transformative technology of our time. Artificial intelligence and machine learning create unprecedented new ways to live and do business. With expertise and insights from the real world, we build products that automate processes, detect anomalies or predict outcomes.
Product / Service Description
The financial system is facing serious challenges. Banks and payment service providers are struggling to meet the requirements of regulators, and current AML solutions are falling short of needs. At the root of financial crime are felonies involving drugs, human trafficking and terrorism. But there’s hope: AI and machine learning offer the promise to effectively catch criminals. Sentinels, our Financial Risk and Compliance product, combines best-in-class user-centered design with leading-edge AI techniques.
Solution Description
We are building AI-first products to improve the AML/CFT compliance of financial institutions, enabling them to catch criminals.
Customer Type
Financial Institutions‎, Startups‎
Primary Markets
Asia‎, Europe‎, North America‎, South America‎
Primary Sector
Banks, Data Analytics & Administration, Payments
Products Offered
Compliance Solutions, Innovation Services‎, Software Development‎
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