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201-500 Employees
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
About TPS
"Dare2BeHappy@Work", that's what TPS is all about. The most important thing in life is being and staying happy. In your private life, but especially at work: after all, you spend a large part of your time there. We therefore believe that not only work is important, but all that surrounds it as well: Learn and Life.

TPS challenges everyone to strive for the highest possible. With a focus on soft skills, TPS assists you in your personal development and in your ability to make the right choices in the first phase of your career.

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Your organization is constantly changing. With change, the need for knowledge, skills and commitment of people also changes. TPS connects your organization with the talent of the future.

TPS is specialized in talent development. We offer young professionals the opportunity to develop optimally in the first five years of their career. They follow various professional courses, workshops and (personal) development trainings. Over 300 professionals have been seconded by TPS to various clients.

We believe that TPS is the best place to start your career as a highly educated professional. Every day we match the ambitions of young professionals with the demand within your organization and the market. Our professionals often work within segments characterized by scarcity, such as (large) banks, (health) insurers and finance-related organizations.

With our campus recruitment program we bridge the gap between the job market and the university, which allows us to meet the talent of the future at an early stage.

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    The TPS professionals are carefully selected based on the following criteria:
  • Coachable: a TPS professional is eager for feedback, and is willing to show his/her vulnerability to ensure personal development;
  • Drive: a TPS professional person is well prepared, feels responsible and wants to contribute to a changing environment;
  • Motivation: a TPS professional takes the initiative to go the extra mile and wants to grow in the field of business;
  • Positivity: a TPS professional is enthusiastic, can put things into perspective and is honest;
  • Communicative skills: a TPS professional is a great partner in conversations, can empathize and has persuasiveness.

A professional from TPS is proven to be more productive at an earlier stage and has the flexible ability to adopt to a changing environment.

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After talent selection, TPS trains the professionals themselves in various talent development programs, mostly co-created with partner organizations.
    Our existing talent development programs have trained young professionals into becoming.:
  • CDD analysts;
  • Business and Information analysts;
  • Business Intelligence specialists;
  • Data Analysts;
  • Healthcare and mortgage acceptors/advisors.

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TPS believes in sustainable partnerships with a personal approach. A partnership with TPS results in:
  • Talent that develops rapidly into full-fledged professionals within your organization;
  • A perfect connection between your needs and our services;
  • A quick and adequate interpretation for scarcity roles, both on individual roles and on a project basis.
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