Company Size
201-500 Employees
1 Hardwick St, London EC1R 4RB, United Kingdom
About TrueLayer

TrueLayer is a global open banking platform that makes it easy for anyone to build better financial experiences. Businesses of every size use TrueLayer to power their payments, access financial data, and onboard customers across the UK and Europe. Trusted by millions of consumers and businesses around the world, our vision is to create a financial system that works for everyone.

Product / Service Description

Open Banking Payments
Accept and send instant bank payments in any app or website. Built on top of open banking and the fastest payment rails across Europe and the UK, instant bank payments allow merchants to cut costs and fight fraud. Fully customisable, it provides customers with an effortless way of paying, withdrawing money or receiving refunds.
Open Banking Data
Connect your app to any bank account. Get real-time access to account, balance, transaction, and identity data using open banking AIS across Europe. Fully customisable, it allows customers to unblock multiple pain points and create a smoother customer journey.

Solution Description

Closed-Loop Payments
Accept and send instant bank payments in any app or website. Provide your customers with an effortless and secure way of paying, withdrawing money or receiving refunds.
Reduce friction across the user lifecycle with: Account verification - Verify your user’s account ownership based on what’s on file at their bank, Instant payments & deposits - Enable users to pay or deposit money seamlessly, and Automated withdrawals & refunds - Send funds to users and get them paid out 3x faster than with cards.

Initiate payments within your app using open banking PIS. No cards, no fraud, no chargebacks. Let your customers easily deposit
funds from any device, no registration required. Save up to 80% on fees vs cards.

Verify users and initiate withdrawals in seconds. Automate paying out at scale. Make processing withdrawals painless. Verify user’s accounts in as little as three taps, and get them paid out the very next second.

Verify bank account ownership and get instant match results. Verify account ownership by matching your user's name with their name on file at the bank. Simplify payments setup and make onboarding intuitive.

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Customer Type
Corporates‎, Financial Institutions‎, Government, Scaleups, SME's‎, Startups‎
Primary Markets
Primary Countries
Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom
Primary Sector
Products Offered
Banking Platform / Solution‎, Banking Services‎, Compliance Solutions, Cryptocurrency Services‎, Data and Analytics‎, Identity Solutions, Innovation Services‎, Payments‎, Remittances
Customers & Distribution
Alternative Finance, Banks, Data Analytics & Administration, Financial Institutions, Invoice & Credit Management, Payments, Pensions & Insurance, Security & Fraud Prevention, Tech Platforms/Solutions, Tech Services & Advisory, Trading/Asset Management
Suppliers & Partners
Alternative Finance, Banks, Consultancy, Payments
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