Unblu Inc.
Company Size
51-200 Employees
Basel, Switzerland
About Unblu Inc.
Unblu is a privately held company with headquarters in Basel. The company has subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Germany, UK, and the US. Over 150 banks and insurance companies are currently using Unblu’s Conversational Platform. 

Unblu partners with major core banking as well as e-banking front-end software providers such as Avaloq, Temenos, Finastra, Crealogix, Backbase, eBankit...
Product / Service Description
The Unblu Platform allows organizations to engage and interact with the visitors/customers on their websites and mobile applications, guiding them through their digital journey to successful completion of a business transaction. Our platform is specially architected to allow advisors and relationship managers to engage with customers in secure environments such as online banking applications or customer portals, leveraging the advisory and support experience to the next level. Unblu customers can:
  • Increase trustworthiness and loyalty, increase sales and advise your customers as they go (long-term advice)
  • Make online channels powerful by assisting in the moment of truth (more transactions)
  • Reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction thanks to supreme online support (better support)

The Unblu platform enables client service agents and visitors to engage, converse, browse & collaborate in the same web asset or mobile application simultaneously. Our customers leverage their existing investments in the digital channels, increase the number of customer interactions, and reduce the TCO.
Solution Description
The Unblu Platform is divided into 2 main blocks:

Conversational/Engagement channels:
  • Secure Messenger: Our Secure instant messaging solution helps banks to provide the WhatsApp texting experience whilst remaining compliant. Designed to meet the needs of a secure and compliant Relationship Manager (RM)/ Client conversation and collaboration session, it can be easily integrated into mobile native or browser-based applications.
  • Live Chat: Live chat enables users to communicate directly and immediately with agents and support staff. Through Unblu’s chat, customers and agents can share documents, images or what they might need. In this context, if the agent needs to know where the customer exactly is, he can activate LiveView. The agent will be faster and better, the agent will understand and resolve the problem in context.
  • Video and Voice Chat: this feature provides a fully personalized experience. The prospect/customer will be able to meet the advisor and talk to him in person just as he would in a bank branch.

Collaboration layer:

  • Embedded co-browsing: join a visitor on your site or application literally in the middle of what he's doing.
  • Universal Co-browsing: More flexibility. Participants can navigate together to any site on the web.
  • Document Co-browsing: Collaborate and guide through intricate documentation.
  • Mobile Co-browsing: Collaborate with customers on their mobile devices. Guide them through banking mobile apps.

The Unblu platform easily works alongside the existing systems to provide a seamless and omnichannel experience. All these capabilities/features are now ready for mobile. Unblu’s SDK package works seamlessly within native mobile phone apps running on an IOS or Android infrastructure. Deliver the conversational experience independently of the device your customers use.
Customer Type
Corporates‎, Financial Institutions‎
Primary Markets
Europe‎, North America‎
Primary Sector
Products Offered
Banking Platform / Solution‎, Financial Advisory‎, Insurance‎, Technology Solutions‎
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