Company Size
11-50 Employees
Amsterdam, Netherlands
About WL Payments
The team is a mix of banking and payment industry veterans and a team of young highly skilled developers who have been with the company since they were interns and now are IT payment specialists themselves.
Product / Service Description
WL Payments was founded to address the many gaps in the current market of payment platforms. Automatic reconciliation, data insights that improve success ratio’s and fast integrations are just a few of those gaps.
Solution Description
Companies offering payment services can offer our platform and solutions fully customized to their company’s brand, look, and feel to their customers. We make sure that our partners spend less on keeping up with payments’ technology and regulations while ensuring that their customers have a frictionless payment experience. We deliver integrations into new channels and markets and bring the switching costs and time to an absolute minimum. We talk about hours and days where others talk about months.
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