Member Spotlight: Quasar DB

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The brainchild of a world-leading C++ programming expert, Quasar DB is a time series database allowing users to “store everything forever and query it at will”. Whilst championing speed and storage capacity, Quasar DB sees incoming regulation as a trigger for companies to review their database options and realise both compliancy and user benefits of […]

Factris acquire leading Lithuanian working capital provider, Debifo

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With a 35% market share in the Lithuanian alt-lending market, Debifo is a rapidly emerging invoice financing solutions provider, and another momentous step in Factris’ pan-European strategy.  Factris are using the fintech wave to reinvent factoring, and automate the process of on-selling accounts receivables whilst maintaining a personal touch. Their CEO, Brian Reaves, proffered: “We […]

Factris concludes a facility agreement amounting to €100 million

Factris has recently announced its conclusion of a €100 million credit facility agreement, which will provide working capital to SMEs throughout Europe. Brian Reaves, CEO of Factris, commented about the agreement for Holland Fintech: ”The agreement is a step toward creating the largest independent working capital provider for small and medium sized businesses in Europe. With […]

Enterprise Ireland and Luge Capital launch fintech funds

Amidst much anticipation and fanfare, Enterprise Ireland, the Irish government’s agency responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world market, has launched the state’s fintech and deeptech fund yesterday at the Future of FinTech conference. The fund will support ventures in a broad array of fintech niches such artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented […]

Funding Circle replaces loan book, possible IPO

The UK-headquartered P2P business lender is replacing its loan book with an upgraded statistics page. This will transition the company to quarterly reporting, and the page will contain information regarding funded companies, returns, and lending volumes. Funding Circle says it is taking down its loan book because it is downloaded infrequently – less than 0.3% […]

ING invests in FinCompare, Funding Options in bid to expand presence in SME finance

ING bank‘s venture capital arm ING Ventures has pumped 10m EUR worth of Series A funding into FinCompare, a German comparison platform for SME financing options. With its investment in FinCompare, ING expects to fortify its presence in the German SME industry, of which it deems to be the most attractive in Europe. FinCompare plans […]

Week 21: Research in a Glance

Breaking down the Blockchain by PYMTNS An e-book compilation of expert, stakeholder and industry veteran opinions on the true utility of blockchain and its disruptive potential in business applications. Trends in innovation, diversity and inclusion by Anthemis Group Drawing from the survey results of senior executives, the report is an overview of innovation, diversity and […]

NIBC listed on Euronext Amsterdam

As of March 23rd, 2018, Dutch bank NIBC has become available for trading on Euronext Amsterdam. The bank services over 400,000 retail clients and circa 600 middle-market companies Their IPO was EUR 320 million. Speaking on the new listing, NIBC CEO Paulus de Wilt remarked that it, “will provide us with full access to the […]

Top Capital Market events for 2018

Over the course of last year, we have seen a notable increase in fintech developments in the realm of capital markets. Advances in fintech such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), distributed ledgers and cloud technologies have helped deliver innovative solutions to complex front, middle and back office problems. In anticipation of an […]