Introductory guide to key issues in cybersecurity and GDPR compliancy

Data Republic website

One month out from the anniversary of GDPR implementation in the Netherlands, we asked the cybersecurity experts in our ecosystem to introduce the trends they have noticed one year into GDPR’s reign. This guide highlights prominent cybersecurity risks to personal data protection as well as GDPR compliancy issues that are concurrently aroused. It is hoped […]

OptInsight’s research article on the ‘Opt-in Challenge’

Jeroen de Bel

Joining forces with the reputed law firm Baker Mckenzie, OptInsight has co-authored an informative article pertaining to the exercise of direct marketing in conjunction with the EU’s GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive. Titled as Direct Marketing and its Relevance: The ‘Opt-in Challenge’, the article analyzes what has changed for direct marketing activities since the enforcement of the […]

Nordea uses Robots to handle GDPR processing

The General Data Protection Regulation, which went into effect May 25th, gives consumers more control over how companies use their personal data. Nordea, one of the largest Nordic banks, is dealing with the time-consuming task of request processing by employing Robotics Process Automation (RPA), a new technology that utilises “intelligent automation”. Nordea estimates that manually […]